New Volunteer Hires

AMPHS Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer

Ravi JoshiWe would like to welcome Ravi Joshi, MS as the Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at AMPHS. Previously, Ravi worked with Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless Program (ACHCHP); a federally-funded 330(h) Health Care for the Homeless program in Northern California for over ten years.  Ravi was a vital leader in the provision of primary care health, mental health and social services in the ACHCHP mobile clinics and with subcontracting agencies.

Ravi’s true particular strength lies in the fusion of public health policy/advocacy and the provision of individual direct services. She has used her analytic skills and fused them with her deep sense of ethics to create outcomes steeped in social justice, righting disparities and working with dispossessed persons at their level, working to bring them to their feet as she transformed systems around her.

In 2000, Ravi became an Alameda County Public Health Department Leadership Fellow, a prestigious Program for training and developing future Leaders of the Alameda County Public Health Department to tackle health inequality using a social justice framework.  Ravi also became a Public Health 101Trainer, carrying out countywide trainings on health inequity and social justice frameworks for public health.

Ms. Joshi has also been the key in the ACHCHP Interim Care Clinic (ICC).  She singlehandedly created a functioning stable site clinic at a location frequented by hard-to-reach, service resistant homeless individuals, excluded from primary care services. This clinic bridged the gulf between traditional primary care and ACHCHP street-based medical and social services, a space where clinicians and social workers could work with “service resistant” persons to teach “patienting” skills that clients needed when referred on to primary care clinics for their ongoing chronic care.

Ravi completed her Master’s in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. During this time she led projects in Boston, San Francisco as well as global health studies in which she advised programs in process and operations improvement strategies as well as projects in which she advocated for expansion and research in public mental health services to underserved populations.

We are thrilled to have Ravi on the team!

New AMPHS Volunteer Announcement

February 4, 2013

We are pleased to announce the following volunteer(s) have joined Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS):

Richard Owusu Manu

Richard has joined AMPHS as Executive Management Associate. Richard will be working directly with the President & CEO, Hewett Chiu, and will be responsible for the implementation, development, and administration of the various programs at the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services. Richard will also be involved in drafting memos and administrative protocols, event coordination, and public outreach, among other administrative business responsibilities. Richard has an extensive background in the area of pharmacy and hospital administration and management. He brings experience handling patient records and administration at Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital in New York City. Prior to that, Richard has over eight years of experience managing the administrative and operational side of a pharmacy in Ghana, his native country. He is currently pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration at St. Joseph’s College in New York, NY, and very enthusiastic about contributing his experience and skills to help forward the mission of the organization.

Please join us in welcoming Richard to the AMPHS team!

– Academy of Medical and Public Health Services