Celebrating the Holidays with Love

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our AMPHS Holiday Party & Toy/Clothing Drive on December 12th! We had a blast amid drinks, food, games and live jazz. With everyone’s contributions, AMPHS collected over 250 toys and clothing donations! We appreciate everyone who came out to support us, including Team Carlos Menchaca, Zellnor Myrie, and Mark Treyger. Plus, a huge thank you to Empowerment of Asian Americans and MetroPlus Health Plan for the 175+ toys they contributed!

The toys were distributed during AMPHS Annual Holiday Health Extravaganza on December 14th, where 200 children from the families we serve brought home a toy to celebrate the holiday spirit and a bundle of joy that they deserve.

Toy Drive
Toy Drive2

Every year at our AMPHS Holiday Party & Toy/Clothing Drive, we also honor a partner organization and rockstar volunteer and team member for their exemplary service. This year we are honored to recognize the recipients of our Volunteer of the Year Award, Dr. Htun Min Aung; Advocate of the Year Award, Kathleen Iverson, LCSW; and Building Healthy Communities Award, Chinese-American Planning Council.


The Volunteer of the Year Award goes to a volunteer who has displayed strong dedication to community service. Dr. Aung volunteers at AMPHS’ clinic twice a month to help provide health screenings for the immigrants in Sunset Park. Many of our community members has not seen a doctor in as many as 40 years. Htun will take his time to work with each community member and make sure they are equipped with the healthcare information they need, sometimes spending 45 minutes to 1 hour with each community member. And he makes sure to never miss a screening day — even if it means coming straight from the airport!


The Advocate of the Year Award goes to a trailblazing staff member who fights endlessly for our community members, advocating for their rights and expressing the true spirit of the AMPHS mission. Our Social Worker, Kathleen tirelessly fights for the needs and rights of AMPHS’ community members, on both a systemic and individual level. She is always there to provide our communities with services they need — to let them know which direction to turn, to follow up with them; she is a mentor for our teams and will always be able to make a sound judgment about the right course of action.


Finally, the Building Healthy Communities Award goes to a partner organization that has been truly dedicated to working together to advance the health and wellness of the our communities. The Chinese-American Planning Council has always been there to support our community work, from participating in our annual Health Empowerment Celebration to partnering on outreaching to the community for events and providing space for our evening ESOL classes.

We are so lucky to work with each and every one of you to service our community! Congratulations to all of our honorees!

AMPHS Receives Barman’s Fund Donation to Support Community Health Project


(3) Barman's Fund PhotoThe Academy of Medical and Public Health Services recently received a generous donation of $1,865 from the Barman’s Fund. The Barman’s Fund is a diverse assortment of bartenders who pledge one shift a month for charitable organizations. Each bartender donates every dollar they make on from that particular shift to a charitable organization. The Barman’s Fund also contacts not-for-profits to find needs that need to be fulfilled, whether on the programming or administrative end. The Barman’s Fund was founded by Brian Floyd and currently has donated over $100,000 to various organizations, with chapters in New York City, New Orleans, and Charlotte.

AMPHS plans to use this donation to buy glucose testing machines and more advanced screening equipment, giving AMPHS the opportunity to improve the capacity of its current services and to start screening community members for diabetes. More advanced screening equipment will include balance beam scales, blood pressure cuffs, eye charts, and vaccination tools. The donation from The Barman’s Fund further opens the door for new medical screenings and allows AMPHS to better help the Sunset Park community. So have some fun at your local bar and “drink with a purpose!”

How will you spend your money this holiday? Your gift may be worth a life!

AMPHS Community Health Screening

AMPHS Community Health Screening

The Academy of Medical & Public Health Services (AMPHS) is a nonprofit organization founded on the principle that healthcare is not a privilege, but a human right made freely available to anyone who needs it. AMPHS is dedicated to bringing healthcare access and resources to underprivileged community members across the nation, beginning with New York City. As the year comes to a close, AMPHS is striving  to keep its programs running and we are in great need for the financial support to help the thousands of community members who do not have access to healthcare.

This holiday season, please consider making a donation to AMPHS to ensure that we are able to do even greater things with our vision for increasing healthcare access and for continuing our programs and services, which have impacted the lives of nearly 1000 people. Consider the words of our President and CEO, Hewett Chiu, as he speaks about the significant impact of year-end funding for the organization: “As a fairly new organization with such potential, we are in great need of your donation to help us reach our humble fundraising goal of just $2,500…We are having difficulties maintaining our monthly expenses to keep our community facilities open for our screenings and for community members to use as a safe haven for seeking healthcare…We already have our volunteers standing by and ready to help–we just need your contribution to make it happen.” 

An Earnest Request from President & CEO Hewett Chiu

Hewett Smiling

President and CEO, Hewett Chiu

November 2012

Dear Family and Friends of AMPHS,

Heading into 2012, we at AMPHS told ourselves that this is going to be a game-changing year.  In many respects, we were right, and in many respects, we were not.

This year, we saw a absolute unimaginable growth in all aspects of AMPHS.  Just to highlight a few examples of our achievements:

  • We have developed full comprehensive family health screenings, with monthly disease-specific programming and testing
  • We have built a strong team of clinical volunteers including physicians, nurses, medical students, and general volunteers
  • We have a dedicated Language Support Services team and a Health Education team to provide culturally-senstive support and long-term health coaching to immigrant families, increasing patient compliance and health literacy
  • We have started on-the-spot enrollment for health insurance and prescription assistance programs with partnering organizations, helping underprivileged families break the barrier to healthcare access immediately
  • We have been recognized by major council members, assembly people, community boards, large local hospitals, and several other government offices for our work in the community
  • We have developed specific community prevention and disease management programs for Cardiovascular Disease and  Alzheimer’s Disease
  • We have built a Community Research & Resource Center in our Brooklyn Community Center where families are free to come in and access health resources, personalized disease and condition specific information, and perform medical research in a variety of languages
  • And of course, in terms of numbers, we have served 948 community members to date (almost reaching 1,000!!), with 423 free comprehensive health screenings completed

However, what hasn’t changed is the continual need for long-term supporters like you.  This year, more than ever, we are relying on your generous and unwavering support to keep our programs running.  As a fairly new organization with such potential, we are in great need of your donation to help us reach our humble fundraising goal of just $2,500.  How will your contribution help?

We are having difficulties maintaining our monthly expenses to keep our community facilities open for our screenings and for community members to use as a safe haven for seeking healthcare.  All our funds are diverted to meeting our monthly expenses while there are still so many community members relying on our current and new programs as their sole source of healthcare.  Your contribution, no matter how small or big, no matter a dollar or a hundred dollars, will help us mobilize our full community health programs – screenings, health coaching, health education and research – to the many other communities who need it more than ever, especially after recent disasters.  We too, have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Our major funding sources have retracted a large portion of our revenues for the rest of this year to divert to hurricane relief efforts, and we are trying so hard to patch up this funding gap of just $2,000.

I have seen and spoken to so many families in the past weeks who so desperately need assistance at this very moment, only to realize that we may not be able to help them.  We already have our volunteers standing by and ready to help – we just need your contribution to make it happen.  Please consider being one of our first supporters, and know that you made an immediate difference in the life of a neighbor today.  I personally thank you for your dedication and support in this great time of need.

I wish you and your family a warm and safe holiday season.

Hewett Chiu

President & CEO

P.S. To save time and resources donate online today @!

‘Tis the season to be a ‘good shopper’ while supporting the AMPHS mission

November 28, 2012


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By Adriana Cardenas

Looking for great holiday shopping deals online post-Cyber Monday? Then look no further. Goodshop offers fabulous discounts and coupons at your favorite national retailers, ranging from clothing, electronics, houseware, and any other store you can possibly think of. There are so many participating stores to choose from, and all offer wonderful bargains. You can shop and save money, all while donating to your favorite charity with no extra cost added to your purchases!

This holiday season, we are asking all of our supporters to help AMPHS in its fundraising efforts through GoodShop online ( Our supporters can also donate to us through GoodSearch and GoodDine. GoodSearch (, is a search engine tool, like Google and Yahoo, and every time you do a search, a small donation will be given to AMPHS. GoodDine ( offers discounts and coupons at your favorite participating restaurants! Search the list of participating restaurants on Anyone can support AMPHS’ mission through GoodShop and GoodDine!  With each purchase made, a percentage of that purchase will be donated to AMPHS without any added costs

Shop on Goodshop and save at stores such as Walgreens, North Face, Dell, Columbia Sport Wear, Macy’s, and countless others!

AMPHS is an incredible charity to support. We make every effort to support the local communities in Brooklyn and New York City with providing free or low cost preventative healthcare services and resources to people without healthcare insurance.  100 percent of all of our donations directly support our programs and services.  We want to continue to grow our mission and broaden the scope of our programs in other areas around New York City.

GoodShop, GoodDine, and GoodSearch give anyone an easy and simple way to be charitable without spending extra money. Everyone who makes purchases on GoodShop or GoodDine is making a big difference. You can also track how much you have donated AMPHS by registering for an account on the GoodSearch site. AMPHS has raised $200 in the past year with Goodshop and Goodsearch.

Check out and designate AMPHS as your charity.  Also, check out for amazing deals, savings and coupons!  Remember, it doesn’t cost a penny to donate, and anyone can sign up!  Coupons and savings can only be applied to online purchases.

Happy holiday shopping!

Back-to-School Shopping at Goodshop Will Save You Money and Help AMPHS

August 28, 2012

By Adriana Cardenas

The Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) has partnered with an extraordinary online tool which allows people donate to their cause. This tool is available online and won’t cost you extra money.

Have you ever heard of Goodshop?  It’s as simple as you pronounce it!  Goodshop is an “online place” where people can shop. Each time you shop at any of the 2,500 stores available online, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to AMPHS’s cause.

You can be charitable without spending extra money.  If you like shopping online, this is a good opportunity for you to support AMPHS in providing much need preventative medical services to those who do not have healthcare insurance–and your support doesn’t cost you a penny!  You can also save money from coupons and deals that are available on GoodShop. Be part of it from now and save money now!

The new fall school year is just beginning and scores of parents are searching for the best deals. Shop on Goodshop and save at popular stores such as Staples, Sears, the Apple Store, and Macy’s for back-to-school supplies, clothing, and furniture.  There are tons of participating stores to choose from!  So imagine buying at your time, at your own pace and helping  AMPHS at the same time.  So, let’s go and take the first step to be part of a big change!

Check out and designate AMPHS as your charity.  Also, check out for amazing deals, savings and coupons on back-to-school items.  Remember, it doesn’t cost a penny to donate, and anyone can sign up!  Coupons and savings can only be applied to online purchases.