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AMPHS Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer

Ravi JoshiWe would like to welcome Ravi Joshi, MS as the Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at AMPHS. Previously, Ravi worked with Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless Program (ACHCHP); a federally-funded 330(h) Health Care for the Homeless program in Northern California for over ten years.  Ravi was a vital leader in the provision of primary care health, mental health and social services in the ACHCHP mobile clinics and with subcontracting agencies.

Ravi’s true particular strength lies in the fusion of public health policy/advocacy and the provision of individual direct services. She has used her analytic skills and fused them with her deep sense of ethics to create outcomes steeped in social justice, righting disparities and working with dispossessed persons at their level, working to bring them to their feet as she transformed systems around her.

In 2000, Ravi became an Alameda County Public Health Department Leadership Fellow, a prestigious Program for training and developing future Leaders of the Alameda County Public Health Department to tackle health inequality using a social justice framework.  Ravi also became a Public Health 101Trainer, carrying out countywide trainings on health inequity and social justice frameworks for public health.

Ms. Joshi has also been the key in the ACHCHP Interim Care Clinic (ICC).  She singlehandedly created a functioning stable site clinic at a location frequented by hard-to-reach, service resistant homeless individuals, excluded from primary care services. This clinic bridged the gulf between traditional primary care and ACHCHP street-based medical and social services, a space where clinicians and social workers could work with “service resistant” persons to teach “patienting” skills that clients needed when referred on to primary care clinics for their ongoing chronic care.

Ravi completed her Master’s in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. During this time she led projects in Boston, San Francisco as well as global health studies in which she advised programs in process and operations improvement strategies as well as projects in which she advocated for expansion and research in public mental health services to underserved populations.

We are thrilled to have Ravi on the team!


New Volunteer Announcements


We are extremely excited to welcome 8 new volunteers to the AMPHS team: Amy Handlin, Sloka Iyengar, Sheil Raj, Kaylan Sobel, Amelia Starr, Kathleen Tam, George-Hyuung Winer, and Dennis Zheng. Each of these new volunteers will be contributing to various aspects of the organization, including marketing/outreach, research, interpretation, social work, and legal compliance. Welcome aboard!


Assemblywoman Amy H. Handlin (R)Amy Handlin, Ph.D., MBA is joining AMPHS as SVP, Strategy. In this role, Amy will be responsible for managing strategies around increasing funding, enhancing organizational visibility, and developing AMPHS’ public image.

Amy is Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and International Business at Monmouth University. A former Senior Fellow at Monmouth’s Center for the Study of Public Issues and current Chair of the University Review Board, she served for six years on the executive committee of the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education. Handlin holds a BA from Harvard, an MBA from Columbia and a PhD from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Elected to the state legislature in 2005, she is a member of the Assembly Committee on Health and Senior Services and the Joint Legislative Task Force on Health Insurance Exchange Implementation.

Handlin is the author of Be Your Own Lobbyist (Praeger 2010), Government Grief (Praeger 2011), and the forthcoming Dirty Deals: An Encyclopedia of Lobbying, Political Influence and Corruption (ABC-Clio 2014), among other books. Crain’s New York Business described Be Your Own Lobbyist as “a must-read for anyone who wants to make his or her voice heard in the halls of political power,” and New York Journal of Books called it “a toolkit for repairing and renovating democracy.” Choice recommended Government Grief as “unique, insightful, and practical.”

Handlin serves AMPHS as Senior Vice President for Strategy, becoming involved in the organization “to be part of an innovative local solution to a nationwide problem – inadequate public health resources, education, and research among underserved populations.” Using her expertise in  research, education, advocacy, and public policy, she looks forward to helping develop, refine, and build awareness of AMPHS’s unique model so it can be replicated around the country.



SlokaSloka Iyengar, Ph.D. is joining AMPHS as Newsletter Writer & Editor. In this role, Sloka will be writing and editing articles for the organization’s electronic newsletter, interviewing staff and clients, and crafting creative calls to action.

Sloka has been involved in neuroscience research for the last 8 years. She grew up in Ahmedabad, India; after finishing her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, she went to South Carolina to pursue her graduate work in neuroscience. Currently, Sloka is working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Nathan Kline Institute, New York, where she is investigating research in mechanisms of epilepsy. She is involved in designing and conducting experiments, training junior lab members and disseminating her work in the form of papers, posters and talks.

Although Sloka loves the intellectual challenge that basic research offers, she would like to be involved in the community in a more direct way. Her goal is to use the scientific knowledge for societal benefit. Working on scientific projects invariably requires the cultivation of a number of skills such as writing, presentation and organization that she hopes will be transferable to her community service work. Over the years, Sloka has been routinely involved in community service. While in India, she volunteered at the Missionaries of Charities. She also volunteered, and later on, worked at an animal shelter for stray animals called the Animal Help Foundation. In New York, Sloka works to offer healthy brunch alternatives every weekend at a homeless shelter in Harlem and has also established a creative writing group for the clients called ‘Exercise Your Write’.

Sloka is eager to be involved in the hands-on work of providing healthcare to underserved communities. She is interested in learning how a non-profit organization functions and would like to contribute directly to its mission. As she performs a substantial amount of writing for her work, Sloka hopes to effectively utilize those skills in her role as Newsletter Writer and Editor at AMPHS.



Sheila Raj, MSW is joining AMPHS as the organization’s first in-house Social Worker. In her role, she will not only provide social services such as assistance with health insurance enrollment, prescription, and vision to the community, but will also be working with the clinical team to develop new social services and group counseling.

Sheila is a licensed Social Worker and SIFI instructor. Her experience includes working in residential family and psychiatric settings where she connected many individuals to quality mental health services. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY Stony Brook in Political Science and a Masters in Social Work degree from Columbia University. Currently, she is pursuing further education in health care.



Kaylan Sobel, J.D. is joining AMPHS as a Legal Advisor. In this role, she will work with AMPHS staff to provide legal advice on a number of projects and assist in evaluating AMPHS programs and operations for adherence to laws, guidelines, and professional standards of practice. She will also be counseling the senior leadership team on the legal compliance of new and current programs.

After earning her M.A. in Political Science from New York University, Kaylan Sobel spent five years providing project management and policy research for a statewide non-profit organization. During that time, she completed her Juris Doctorate at Brooklyn Law School, focusing on public interest law, before gaining admission to the New York State Bar Association. Recently, she has accepted a position as Policy Analyst for Health and Education with the Eastern Regional Council of the Council of State Governments. In addition to her academic and professional experience, she has been an active volunteer and leader with organizations throughout New York City, including the Elderlaw and Cancer Advocacy project of the New York City Bar Association. She has joined the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services to bring her experience and knowledge of both health law and non-profit project management to support the mission of AMPHS to expand healthcare access and quality to underserved communities.



Amelia Starr is joining AMPHS as Community Research & Outreach Associate. In this role, Amelia will be directly involved in assisting with AMPHS’ social media, conducting outreach and setting up health events within the Latino community, while also engaging as a volunteer in AMPHS’ humanitarian events.

Amelia graduated from Fordham University in 2012 with a major in French studies and minor in history and biology. With hopes to go into the medical field, Amelia has worked with organizations such as Clinicas Mi Doctor to assist with outreach operations and interactions with the Mexican community in her Texan hometown. She currently works with City MD as a medical scribe and aspires to contribute more to the underprivileged immigrant community in Sunset Park through her work at AMPHS.



DSC_0221Kathleen Tam, MPH is joining AMHS as Community Research & Outreach Associate. In this role, Kathleen will be directly involved in mapping the Sunset Park Asian community, conducting outreach and setting up health events, and compiling data for statistical research,  while also engaging as a volunteer and translator in AMPHS’ humanitarian events.

Kathleen is a recent graduate from the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College, having completed her Masters degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Community Health Education this past May. She has interned with several non-profit organizations in Manhattan in the past, including the Chinese Progressive Association and Charles B. Wang Community Center. She is excited to serve a community in Brooklyn for the first time. Currently she also volunteers at the Greenmarket Youth Education program at GrowNYC and EATS at the Bubble Foundation. As a foreign-born Chinese, her personal history with immigrant health aligns with the goals of AMPHS. Kathleen hopes that AMPHS will help her gain more hands-on experience in health education and public health research to better equip her to work in the field of global health in the future.



GeorgeGeorge-Hyuung Winer, B.S. is joining AMPHS as Community Research & Outreach Intern in summer 2014 and working as an event volunteer beginning this fall. In this role, George will be assisting with event logistics and client interactions during AMPHS’ health events; in the summer, he will pursue an independent public health research project to help further the AMPHS mission.

George first realized his passion in delivering healthcare to the medically underserved in 2008.  Before this, he had followed the path of his father and siblings, working in jobs related to the real estate industry, general contracting, and consulting. In 2012, George graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Life Science and the intention of attending medical school in Fall 2014.  He is the first in his family to pursue a medical degree and was inspired to do so due to health problems that riddled his father for the majority of his life.  George’s multi-ethnic background–Caucasian and Native Taiwanese–has also exposed him to family members that are geographically isolated from medical care.  After losing an indigenous family member due to this issue, it opened his eyes to how medically underserved communities are in need of support. He hopes that by volunteering with AMPHS, he will be able to learn how public health is applied in a clinical setting and assist similarly medically underserved communities in New York.



Dennis Zheng, B.A. is joining AMPHS as a Chinese Translator/Interpreter for the Cantonese, Mandarin, and Fujianese dialects. In this role, he will engage as an interpreter in AMPHS’ humanitarian programs, including health screenings, workshops, and other social services. He will also assist in the translation of AMPHS’ outreach and education materials and in conducting outreach among the Asian community.

Currently working as a field translator/interpreter with HealthFirst, he aspires to pursue a profession as a linguist. Prior to joining Healthfirst, Dennis was a paralegal for a real estate law firm. He received his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, BA, from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2011.

Embracing AMPHS’ mission and vision, Dennis is excited to be part of AMPHS’ team to achieve the noteworthy goals of increasing health care accessibility among underserved communities. He hopes to be able to assist in translating medical resources to benefit and educate the Chinese population and to build strong rapport with the underprivileged and undocumented immigrant population.

A Big Welcome to New Clinical Volunteers, Sonny & Shaili!

AMPHS is pleased to announce that Sonny Nijjar and Shaili Parmar, both medical students at St. Georges University, will be joining AMPHS as Clinical Volunteers. Here is a little about each of them in their own words:

Sonny Nijjar, CVSonny Nijjar

“I have always believed that there is an untold connection which unites all beings on our planet. Some people find this connection through science or art or religion, I have affirmed this connection through the integration of healing into life. Naturally, my inclination towards science and medicine was made during university in Canada. I am currently in the 4th year of medical school and will receive me degree from St. Georges University. In the past few years I have learned a lot about medicine and perhaps even more about life.  I have found that by combining western healing philosophy with eastern spirituality, all within the background of a community based approach, a holistic connection is made, encompassing healing through unity. AMPHS is a wonderful medium to unite communities and ultimately society under a common health-first umbrella. Through AMPHS I feel there is an opportunity to enhance the entire human connection.  I look to utilize the new found understandings of public health into my practice and more importantly, into life.”

shaili2Shaili Parmar

“Community service has been a part of my life since some of my earliest memories. Spending the first eight years of my life in India exposed me to a wide array of societal conditions which relied on community aid, as such, I am very aware of current issues surrounding public health and healthcare in general. I completed many courses related to public health during my undergraduate completion at Boston University. My affinity towards health care drew me towards the field of medicine, which I am currently in my 4th year and will receive my degree from St. Georges University. I am looking forward to a residency in Family Medicine where I will actively incorporate public health awareness and disease prevention techniques to my practice. Naturally, when I discovered AMPHS a serendipitous feeling came over me as I was completing 3rd year rotations only a block away at Lutheran medical center. I feel very strongly that AMPHS will help expand my awareness of the public health sector and the medical needs of individual communities. AMPHS has a strong framework of community based care driven by the clinical knowledge of caring and enthusiastic individuals, thus, I feel very comfortable with my decision to donate my time there. I look forward to many more learning opportunities within the context AMPHS outreach programs to continually better myself, communities, and ultimately, humanity.”

Welcome to the team. We are excited to have you!

Why so serious? AMPHS volunteers take a playful break upstate

Last Saturday, August 14th, AMPHS volunteers and summer interns enjoyed a field trip that featured a unique integration of nature, culture, and adventure. AMPHS volunteers drove upstate to the Storm King Art Center only one hour north of New York City, in the lower Hudson Valley. Our volunteers spent a beautiful time together having a picnic and exploring the magic inside one of the world’s leading sculpture parks.

DSC_0002 DSC_0116 DSC_0031 outing group pic

The fun didn’t stop there; after this magical excursion, we headed up to Cold Spring, a small historical village in southeastern New York, where we explored local food shops and antique stores (some which carried pieces dating back to the Civil War!).



We settled at a local ice cream shop and while there, shared experiences, stories and personal goals while enjoying the local delicacy. ‘It was a great trip; I really appreciate AMPHS organizing it. It really shows how much this organization care about its volunteers and interns,” said Adriana Cardenas, a volunteer since January 2012. “One of the best parts was that everyone had to a chance to share not only food but their experiences working at AMPHS. I felt like I got the opportunity to know everyone on a much more personal level.”’


We hope our volunteers enjoyed the trip and are ready to come back to AMPHS to bring the organization to new levels!

2013 Summer Internship Program Ends with a Splash!


(Left to Right) AMPHS Summer Interns Karen Ouyang, Alexandra Lacqua, Lisa Rennels, Georgina Muri

The AMPHS 2013 summer internship program ended with a splash last week, after our four summer interns presented their final project results in culminating presentations to AMPHS senior staff. This year, summer interns Alexandra Lacqua, Georgina Muri, Karen Ouyang, and Lisa Rennels were responsible for a diversity of projects to help inform AMPHS’ strategic direction and project goals. Summer interns were divided into projects related to Community Engagement and Medical & Public Health Services and assigned group and independent projects. Group projects included: inputting survey data into the public health database and performing data analysis, community mapping, and conducting needs assessments with community members through interviews and observations. Independent projects were focused on special topics, such as social media use in Sunset Park, air pollution in Sunset Park, market research for a community-wide Healthy Eating Discounts Program, and research on health care policy and its effects on undocumented populations.

(5) PIC - AFA conference photo 1

Summer Interns with President & CEO Hewett Chiu at AFA Conference 2013

The summer internship program also featured a number of different activities, including workshops, conferences, and outings. In June, interns had the chance to participate in the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Concepts of Care Conference, where they learned about caretaking for dementia patients and gained a better understanding of patient perspectives. Complementing this, AMPHS initiated a series of Miniversity workshops to introduce interns to topics related to health, health care, and nonprofits, including workshops ranging from topics like brain disorders to qualitative research methods, grantwriting, health care policy, cardiac malfunction and blood pressure measurement, and presentation design. To top it off, interns had the opportunity to participate in a plethora of AMPHS community health events, interacting directly with community members, assisting with outreach, materials distribution, surveys, and translation, and gaining a better understanding of the population the organization was serving.


Summer Outing at Storm King Art Center

And of course, summer isn’t summer without some heated fun. To conclude their summer, AMPHS interns and volunteers took a break from the busy city life with a group outing to relax at the serene and inspirational Storm King Art Center; that same week, they took another surprise trip to participate in the Dr. Oz Show at ABC Studios. On their last day, each of the interns gave a culminating presentation to present their project findings and recommendations to the senior staff, which will be used to further inform AMPHS’ strategic planning process.

When the interns were asked to recap their experiences at AMPHS, a very clear theme emerged. Not only had they learned important skills, they also had the opportunity to contribute to something that mattered to them. According to summer intern Karen Ouyang, “It made me feel small things do make a difference. All the while, I learned research skills, communication skills, time management, and self-motivation during this very busy summer.”

Lisa Rennels Final Presentation on Community Needs Assessment and Social Media Trends in Sunset Park

Lisa Rennels Final Presentation on Community Needs Assessment and Social Media Trends in Sunset Park

This could not make us happier to see. Beyond learning about public health and nonprofits as a career option, they came to AMPHS because they wanted to connect to something larger. We are glad that the interns have been able to explore what matters and break out of their academic bubbles to connect to the greater New York City community.

Wherever they go, we hope that they will bring the AMPHS spirit with them and uncover their true passions. Thank you, Alex, Georgina, Karen, and Lisa for all your hard work this summer!

AMPHS Welcomes New Volunteers to the Team

AMPHS is elated to welcome two new volunteers to its team, Laura Brereton and Pensri Ho.

Brereton_photoLaura Brereton, M.S. joined AMPHS this summer as a policy research advisor. In her role at AMPHS, she will be in charge of managing the policy research and analysis initiatives to better inform the work of the organization in relations to the current changes in health care policy. She is excited to be back in New York City after spending six years in the United Kingdom working as a healthcare policy analyst and qualitative researcher with such organizations as RAND Corporation and The Health Foundation. Brereton has an MSc in public health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a BSc from Boston University. Her research interests focus on international health system comparison and variations in healthcare access.

Pensri HoPensri Ho, Ph.D. has joined the AMPHS team as Project Coordinator of Community Health Research. As a cultural anthropologist, she specializes in healthcare, immigration, race and education. A former academic, she has consulted for non-profit community and social service agencies on healthcare access and cultural sensitivity, ESL training for adult learners, head start programs, urban revitalization and commercial interests, and cultural history learning. Joining AMPHS continues her combined interests in healthcare, immigration, and non-profit social service organizations. Pensri is excited to work with AMPHS to reach its community impact mission and goals through more clearly defined research measures and outcomes.

Both amazing women will be managing crucial organizational projects that will be transforming the way that the organization interacts with its constituents. Look out for more project updates from them!

AMPHS Chief of Staff Nominated as 2013 Nonprofiteer of the Year

1012369_10151714323799609_2090810445_nAcademy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) is proud to announce that their Chief of Staff, Mon Yuck Yu, was nominated for recognition as one of five finalists for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of New York City’s 2013 Nonprofiteer of the Year Award. This is the second year in a row that an AMPHS volunteer has received this honorary recognition.

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of New York City (YNPN-NYC) supports the professional development of the next generation of nonprofit leaders by providing opportunities for skill-building, information sharing, and networking. Each year, the Nonprofiteer of the Year Award is presented to a young nonprofit professional who has exemplified the values of the social sector and have made significant efforts in making their organization, and the sector as a whole, a better place.

Mon Yuck joined AMPHS in 2010, shortly after the organization was founded. In her time at AMPHS, she has been responsible for ensuring the stability of the nascent community organization by means of resource development, programming, and coordination of complex inter-departmental projects. As such, she has overseen the grants acquisitions, community engagement and public affairs, talent acquisition, staff engagement and satisfaction, and staff retention functions at AMPHS. Over the past three years, Mon Yuck has organized a number of successful staff engagement processes, such as the initial orientation session, volunteer outings, volunteer awards, the AMPHS “miniversity” workshop series  and the annual summer internship program. During this time, she has also single-handedly spearheaded a number of new clinical programs, including the highly successful vision assistance program, where AMPHS is now able to provide underserved community members with free and/or low-cost ophthalmological examinations and corrective lenses. In addition, she has worked to conduct community health research and needs assessments with her anthropological background and established a number of community partnerships. In the words of her nominee, “She takes on the challenges of the organizations as those of her own; and continually strives to deliver results at a higher standard each time through challenging herself.”

All five finalists were honored at YNPN-NYC’s anniversary event on June 27th during the YNPN-NY Annual Gala at the Center for Social Innovation and were asked to give inspirational speeches to attendees with career advice.

AMPHS congratulates Mon Yuck for receiving this prestigious nomination.

AMPHS Welcomes New Summer Interns Aboard!

AMPHS would like to offer a warm and fuzzy welcome to its new summer interns, Alexandra Lacqua, Georgina Muri, Karen Ouyang, and Lisa Rennels, who completed the new volunteer orientation this past weekend on June 15th. The four interns have been assigned to work on projects in the divisions of Medical and Public Health Services and Community Engagement. Each intern will have a chance to work on a group project and independent project specific to their divisions, with the overall goals of consolidating screening data, developing community partnerships, assessing community needs, and conducting follow-up with community members. Additionally, interns will be focusing on independent projects that include the coordination of a Healthy Eating Discounts program, development of health education materials, health policy analysis, and social media research and outreach.

In addition to their assigned projects, summer interns will also have a chance to participate in health screening events, Miniversity workshops, and other events throughout the summer.

AMPHS welcomes the following interns to our team:

Alexandra LacquaAlexandra Lacqua, Community Engagement Associate

Alexandra is a rising sophomore at Loyola University Chicago, currently pursuing a premedical curriculum. Alexandra is passionate about social entrepreneurship, and in the course of her academic career, has been involved in an Entrepreneur Boot Camp, where she worked with a toy designer to market a new toy, and was selected to participate in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, where she learned to create a business plan for budding companies. Outside of school, she has been highly involved as founding member and Secretary/Treasurer in Healing Hands Abroad, an organization that provides volunteer surgical care to to underserved communities throughout the world. Some of Alexandra’s main goals this summer are to learn how to effectively educate the communities on health initiatives, understand the Sunset Park community and how to identify needs/improvements, and further develop her skills in making connections and maintaining contact with other organizations.

Georgina MuriGeorgina Muri, Medical and Public Health Services Associate

Georgina holds a MA in European Politics and Policy, and a BA in European Studies from New York University, where she was the recipient of the Founder’s Day Award for Scholastic Achievement and Honors in 2012. Georgina is trilingual in German, French and English and has a diploma in Professional and Business French level B2. She would like to pursue a career in international policy and is particularly interested in public health, including issues of nutrition and obesity. Outside of the workplace, Georgina enjoys leaning new languages, swing dancing and cooking. Some of Georgina’s goals this summer include learning about database use and management, data analysis and synthesis, and project development and management. She is also interested in understanding the AMPHS health screening process and how data is gathered and analyzed for community assessments.

Karen OuyangKaren Ouyang, Medical and Public Health Services Associate

Karen Ouyang is a rising junior at Binghamton University, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Karen has a wealth of experience volunteering with nonprofit organizations and working with social enterprises. In the past, she has worked as a docent at the New York Aquarium, PR and marketing intern at Harvest Home Farmer’s Market, and Teacher’s Assistant with Best Prep Academy at PS 22 in NY. In addition, Karen is highly involved in the microfinance connection club and science club at Binghamton University. Her main interests lie in exploring real-world applications of mathematics, especially in medical and public health fields. Some of Karen’s main goals this summer include learning how to apply mathematics to public health, learning how AMPHS assesses community needs to deliver solutions, and understanding career opportunities and skills required to advance in the nonprofit sector.

Lisa RennelsLisa Rennels, Community Engagement Associate

Lisa is a rising senior at Dartmouth College, pursuing a B.A. in Environmental Studies while also working to complete the requirements for medical school.  She is interested in the nexus of public health and environmental science, which is especially obvious in the context of drinking water scarcity and quality.  At school Lisa is a member of KDE sorority, a chair of the Dartmouth Special Olympics organization, and a captain of the Dartmouth Women’s Water Polo Club.  She loves to travel, and so far has spent three months in Barcelona on a transfer term program and three months in southern Africa on Dartmouth’s Environmental Studies Foreign Study Program.  Lisa was born and raised in Palo Alto, California, where she picked up an insatiable appetite for the sun, the ocean, and water polo.  Some of Lisa’s learning objectives this summer include understanding the non-profit work environment, community health problems most pertinent to the New York area and the United States, and the challenges and possible solutions to reaching hard-to-find populations with basic and necessary healthcare.

Welcome aboard!

AMPHS to Offer Summer Miniversity Workshops for Volunteers

Hewett TeachingBeginning in June, AMPHS will be offering a series of continuing education Miniversity workshops to interested volunteers in a variety of topics related to nonprofit management, clinical skills, and administration. These Miniversity workshops will be taught by other AMPHS volunteers and are designed to offer staff members a broader look at the public health nonprofit landscape that defines AMPHS. All volunteers are welcome to attend. Here is the current line-up:

SATURDAY, JUNE 22nd  | 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Neurology of Brain Disorders

Instructor: Hewett Chiu

This workshop will cover the neuroscience behind two of the most devastating brain disorders plaguing humans today–Parkinson’s Disorder and Alzheimer’s Disease. Concepts of cellular neuronal exictation and inhibition; recurrent, inhibitory, and feedforward networks; neuropharmacology; neuroanatomy and neurophysiology will be emphasized. By the end of this workshop, participants should have a basic idea of how the brain functions normally on a cellular level and the conditions leading to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

THURSDAY, JUNE 27th | 10:00AM – 12:30PM

Qualitative Research I: Surveys, Interviews, Observations, Mapping

Instructor: Pensri Ho

This introductory workshop is the first in a two-part series on qualitative research methods. Participants will learn techniques and strategies for conducting in-person surveys, brief open-ended interviews, relatively unobtrusive participant-observations, and environmental mapping. The workshop format is a combination of lecture and technique implementation through role-playing and observation scenarios within and outside the classroom.

SATURDAY, JULY 13th  |  11:00AM – 12:00PM

The American Healthcare System: Policy and Reform

Instructor: Hewett Chiu

This workshop will cover the history of the American Healthcare system and discuss the factors affecting healthcare reform today. Participants will explore the different aspects of the Affordable Care Act in the context of past reform efforts and gain an understanding of how these policies and regulations are affecting different populations, and in particular, the undocumented immigrants in Sunset Park.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 17th | 10:00AM – 12:30PM

Qualitative Research II: How to Elicit Candid Responses and Building Better Rapport

Instructor: Pensri Ho

This introductory workshop is the second in a two-part series on qualitative research methods. Participants will learn techniques and strategies for conducting follow-up interviews and focus groups. The workshop format is a combination of lecture and technique implementation through role-playing within the classroom.

TUESDAY, JULY 23rd | 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Effective Presentation Design

Instructor: Mon Yuck Yu

This workshop will offer a comprehensive understanding of strategies for effective presentation design. Participants will learn to use Microsoft Powerpoint and other online resources in the design of presentations for business and academic settings.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 6th | 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Grantseeking for Nonprofit Organizations

Instructors: Mon Yuck Yu

This introductory workshop will explore the grant research and grant writing process. It will cover how to use grant research databases, how to approach a foundation, and how to create a grant proposal and budget. Participants will have the opportunity to examine samples of past program proposals and budgets.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 10th | 1:30PM – 6:30PM

CPR/AED Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

Instructors: Hewett Chiu, Mon Yuck Yu

This is an American Heart Association course for the Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers certification. It is a detailed, comprehensive, life support course designed to develop and hone CPR skills and techniques of using an automated external defibrillator (AED). Participants will learn how to recognize an emergency; stabilize and maintain stability of an emergency scene; perform a full initial assessment on a patient; perform rescue breathing, CPR, conscious choking, and unconscious choking; and use an AED. Care for adults, children, and infants are taught and emphasized equally.

New Volunteer Announcement – March 2013

March 11, 2013

Academy of Medical and Public Health is pleased to announce that the following volunteers have joined the organization:

Gary Clarke, Senior Vice President, Human Capital & CPO

Gary ClarkeGary Clarke brings over a quarter-century of experience in human resource management to the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services. He has led human resource management teams and made an impact in human resource business partner roles at all levels for former and current FORTUNE 500 member companies Teradyne, Colgate-Palmolive, Allergan, Nabisco, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, American Water and Terex.

His exposure to a diversity of companies, business cultures and geographic markets across multiple business sectors: technology, drug and hospital supply, snack foods, and infrastructure has allowed him to build an innovative people solutions toolkit and practical sense for managing growth, transformation and change in a variety of situations.

His local, divisional, headquarter and global site operations experience in both union and non-union environments across a broad spectrum of enterprise functions and industries provides Gary with a highly qualified perspective relative to business process change, its impact on talent and careers. His own career odyssey has also given him a hands-on understanding of both organizational and individual transformation within the world of work. Throughout his career, he has coached, developed and helped to promote and move numerous executives and professionals along their chosen career path around the globe. In addition to his generalist experience, his specialist experiences include dedicated recruiting, compensation, employee and labor-management relations assignments. He has moved across the U.S. and expatriated to the UK for key executive development assignments and has built management teams in almost every region of the US and most world regions including zones encompassing China, Australia and South Africa.

In keeping with his passion for effecting positive change and empowering people, he is attracted to the AMPHS mission–especially with regard to meeting the needs of underserved or over-looked stakeholder communities, he also gives time to Taproot-NYC as a pro bono Account Director and Project Manager, facilitates human resource management discussion groups for Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO-NYC); serves as a career management course facilitator/adjunct for Norwalk Community College. He is also an active alumni club member for Cornell University lending a hand with undergraduate recruiting efforts and takes part in the Cornell Clubs of NYC and Fairfield County where he serves as a Board Member.

Amina-Louise Asabigi, Clinical Volunteer

Amina-Louise AsabigiAmina currently works as a Pharmacist at a busy 24- hour CVS Pharmacy in Flatlands, Brooklyn. She enjoys counseling patients on a daily basis and believes through patient education, patients are empowered to take control of their health thereby increasing medication compliance and control of their chronic disease states. She also believes in supporting the community and have volunteered in both clinical and non-clinical settings. As a clinical volunteer, she would to contribute to the education, awareness and disease prevention that all members of a community need. Amina enjoys traveling around the world, eating interesting foods and spending time with friends and family.

Please join us in welcoming Gary and Amina to the AMPHS family!