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AMPHS is Hiring!

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AMPHS is expanding its programs and seeking new members like you to join its team! Become a part of a dedicated team of volunteers and staff working towards expanding healthcare access among our most vulnerable communities.

Full-Time Positions:

Manager of Health Programs

Executive Assistant

Part-Time Positions:

ESOL Instructor

Mental Health Therapist (Chinese-Speaking)


Volunteer/Internship Positions: 

COVID-19 Response Intern

ESOL Tutor

Clinical Volunteer

For more information or to apply, please contact

AMPHS is Hiring!


AMPHS is expanding its programs and seeking new members like you to join its team! Become a part of a dedicated team of volunteers and staff working towards expanding healthcare access among our most vulnerable communities.

Part-Time Positions 

Program Coordinator
Program Assistant
Social Worker
Community Health Worker
Nurse Practitioner (Volunteer)
Chinese/Spanish Translator

Program Coordinator

Position Description

AMPHS seeks a passionate and skilled professional to join the operations team. The Program Coordinator plays a key leadership role in integrating clinical and social services and ensuring the smooth coordination of all Community Health Project programming activities among AMPHS staff and partners. The ideal candidate is a seasoned program manager and exceptional communicator, relationship manager, trainer and coach. He or she will identify and contribute to the development and execution of innovative solutions to grow program capacity and expand outreach within vulnerable immigrant populations. The Program Coordinator reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

Primary Responsibilities:

Coordinate weekly program operations

  • Oversee, train and coordinate schedules and responsibilities among program staff, including clinicians, social work staff, and Program Assistant.
  • Coordinate client services with specialty service partner providers.
  • Ensure EMR patient schedules and profiles are complete and accurate.
  • Build an outreach system for maintaining a consistent client base of new and returning community members.

Build and maintain strong volunteer/staff and partner relationships

  • Train clinic staff to screen for social determinants of health and refer patients to the social work team in a streamlined manner.
  • Create strong and healthy relationships with clinical volunteers, nurse practitioners, case managers, referring providers, and other clinic staff in an effort to build a strong team of community advocates.
  • Work with Social Worker to consolidate and maintain a local network of resource providers.
  • Meet with primary community stakeholders and attend community events to spread awareness of AMPHS services.

Ensure and track high-quality service delivery

  • Ensure the accuracy of programmatic outcomes as reported by the client management database, including data review for grant reporting.
  • Report data outcomes to program team on a monthly basis.
  • Use program data to manage program milestones, related metrics and improve AMPHS operations.
  • Engage in group planning, evaluation and problem-solving, while contributing to highly collaborative projects, meetings and trainings.
  • Work with senior management to analyze program design, strategy and program vision.

Ensure program sustainability

  • Work with senior management to identify funding opportunities and submit funding proposals.
  • Devise and implement strategies to continuously engage a return client base.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years of experience in case management and/or client services with a vulnerable population required; advanced degree in management or health-related field desirable (e.g. MPH, MSW, MPA).
  • At least two years of program management experience required and previous experience with program start-up preferred. Previous experience in a hospital or clinic setting a plus.
  • Written and oral fluency in Spanish and/or Chinese desirable, but not required.
  • Demonstrated experience successfully leading and managing a team of young staff or volunteers.
  • Strong track-record working with community agencies and/or performing case management in clinic or other setting.
  • Proven knowledge of landscape of public benefits and community resources and how to facilitate individuals’ access to those resources.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to engage and work closely with a wide range of constituents including AMPHS clients, staff, volunteers, and partners.
  • Strong organizational, time management and self-management skills, outstanding attention to detail, and high degree of flexibility and self-direction.
  • Ability to excel in a highly dynamic, diverse and entrepreneurial environment.

Time Commitment:

  • 10-15 hours per week. Position requires Saturday availability and occasional weekday mornings or evenings for community meetings. Remote weekday work permissible.
  • The agreement for this position is effective until 06/30/2016 with the opportunity for renewal thereafter.

To Apply:

Please submit a copy of your cover letter, resume, 1-2 page writing sample, and most recent transcript (if still in school or recent graduate) to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis until March 18, 2016.

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Program Assistant

Position Description

The Program Assistant is responsible for assisting in the implementation and administration of the health screening, education, and training programs at the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services. Responsibilities include event coordination, outreach, client communication, and basic reception and clerical duties. The candidate will work directly with Executive Management staff to ensure that the organization runs smoothly and efficiently.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Respond to client inquiries via phone and email, screen and direct calls, and relay messages
  • Schedule appointments and appointment reminders for screenings, workshops, and trainings and maintain the organization’s events calendar
  • Serve as program coordinator for quarterly Clinical Practice Training Program, responding to student inquiries, coordinating program logistics, and conducting university outreach
  • Assist in the coordination of annual Sunset Park community health and wellness event
  • Manage and maintain contacts database for volunteers, partners, and donors
  • Assist in coordinating logistics for in-house health screenings, including event outreach (flyering) and pre-screening patient intake
  • Assist in the preparation of outreach and educational materials
  • Work with Executive Management to send program updates to clients and volunteers
  • Prepare letters to stakeholders, including supporters and clients
  • Conduct outreach to community-based organizations and businesses for partnerships and awareness-building
  • Monitor the use of office equipment and supplies and maintain office inventory
  • May be required to perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Preference given to candidates with a bachelors degree or higher. College juniors and seniors also considered.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures.
  • Previous experience in an office environment.
  • Knowledge and familiarity with basic computer programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and email systems.
  • Demonstrated competency in writing and communication.
  • Bilingual fluency in Spanish and/or Chinese preferred.
  • Knowledge in graphic design a plus.

Time Commitment:

15 hours per week; Saturday availability required.

To Apply:

Please submit a copy of your cover letter, resume, 1-2 page writing sample, and most recent transcript (if still in school or recent graduate) to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis until March 18, 2016.

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Social Worker

Position Description

The Social Worker is responsible for providing high-level oversight over the organization’s culturally-sensitive social service counseling program and presiding over the organization’s weekly Saturday health screenings. AMPHS’ unique, integrated clinical-social service program enables community members to receive direct social service counseling to connect them to the needed care immediately following each clinical encounter. The Social Worker is responsible for managing client cases and assisting community members in navigating resources in coordination with recommendations from the clinical team. The Social Worker is also responsible for establishing and maintaining a community referral network, facilitating workshops and overseeing a team of community health workers.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate client navigation of the healthcare system, especially for patients moving among different health care levels.
  • Provide culturally-appropriate direct services, such as social service counseling, social support, care coordination and case management, working closely with clinical staff to address health risk factors and other social determinants of health, including, but not exclusive to domestic violence and child abuse, housing, end-of-life issues, living conditions, etc.
  • Provide ongoing follow-up, basic motivational interviewing, and goal-setting with community members and their families, especially those with complex conditions, while monitoring and evaluating clients’ progress and modifying treatment plans accordingly.
  • Coach patients in effective management of their chronic health conditions and self-care.
  • Develop literature for social service outreach and education.
  • Facilitate education and support programming (e.g., health education, parenting classes, domestic violence support programs, self-care classes, health access workshops) for individual and groups.
  • Conduct outreach and coordinate with other community resources and agencies to provide community-level advocacy on behalf of patients and families and refer clients to specialized services, such as drug and alcohol treatment, legal services, financial and employment counseling, and housing support.
  • Assess and intervene in domestic violence and child abuse situations.
  • Identify, assess and treat mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety (LCSWs only)
  • Oversee and train team of Community Health Workers.
  • Manage a regularly assigned caseload of community members at AMPHS open hours and record care management information in EMR system no later than 24 hours after contact.
  • May be required to perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school; Master’s degree in social work; LMSW credential or higher is required. Proof of licensure is required at time of application.
  • Oral and written fluency in Spanish and English and/or Chinese and English preferred.
  • Prior experience serving as a social worker in a community-based setting for at least 1-2 years.
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural setting.
  • Knowledge of some medical terminology preferred, but not required.
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge in Microsoft software.
  • Good communication skills, such as listening well, and using language appropriately.
  • Ability and willingness to provide emotional support, encouragement and motivation to patients.

Time Commitment:

  • 7-10 hours per week; Saturday availability required.
  • The agreement for this position is effective until June 30, 2016 with the opportunity for renewal thereafter.

To Apply:

Please submit your cover letter, resume, 1-2 page writing sample, and a copy of your social work license to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis until March 18, 2016.

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Community Health Worker

Position Description

The community health worker (CHW) is responsible for providing culturally-sensitive health navigation services to help patients and their families navigate and access community services and resources within the healthcare system, while guiding them to adopt healthy behaviors. CHWs will work primarily with immigrant families in Sunset Park, many who have limited access to healthcare. The CHW supports clinicians, the supervising social worker and program coordinator by providing an integrated system of support services that promotes and maintains healthy behaviors and addresses the social determinants of health affecting the local community. Primary function areas include social service counseling, advocating for individuals and community health needs, and facilitating community outreach workshops.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide culturally-appropriate direct services, such as social service counseling, social support, care coordination and case management under the supervision of Social Worker and working closely with clinical staff.
  • Provide ongoing follow-up, basic motivational interviewing, and goal-setting with community members and their families.
  • Advocate for individual and community needs by locating support and needed services and articulating those needs to partner organizations.
  • Coach patients in effective management of their chronic health conditions and self-care.
  • Provide culturally-sensitive health education, information and outreach in community-based settings, including, but not exclusive to the AMPHS center, schools, community centers, senior centers, community board meetings, local businesses, shelters, etc.
  • Organize community presentations and workshops on health access.
  • Conduct outreach and presentations to spread awareness about AMPHS services.
  • Research and develop multilingual materials on disease prevention, wellness, nutrition, and health access.
  • Organize and/or facilitate peer support groups.
  • Build organizational capacity to expand resource network and address social determinants of health.
  • Manage a regularly assigned caseload of community members who attend AMPHS open clinic hours once per week and record patient care management information in EMR system no later than 24 hours after contact.
  • May be required to perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Preference given to candidates with a bachelors degree or higher.
  • Successful completion of a Community Health Worker formal training program such as from a college or other education institution is preferred, but not required. AMPHS will provide initial training and CHW is also expected to participate in additional training during their tenure.
  • Written and oral fluency in Spanish and English and/or Chinese and English required.
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural setting.
  • Experience working in a community-based setting for at least 1 to 2 years preferred.
  • Knowledge of some medical terminology preferred, but not required.
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge in Microsoft Office.
  • Good communication skills, such as listening well, and using language appropriately.
  • Ability and willingness to provide emotional support, encouragement and motivation to patients.

Time Commitment:

  • 15-20 hours per week; Saturday availability required.
  • The agreement for this position is effective until June 30, 2016 with the opportunity for renewal thereafter.

To Apply:

 Please submit a copy of your cover letter, resume, 1-2 page writing sample, and most recent transcript (if still in school or recent graduate) to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis until March 18, 2016.

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Volunteer Nurse Practitioner

Position Description

The Academy of Medical & Public Health Services offers free weekly Saturday health clinics for low-income, uninsured community members in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Screening participants often lack health insurance or experience language barriers that prevent them from accessing available health resources; for many, it is their first time receiving a health assessment in many years. During the clinic, AMPHS clinicians perform health screenings while partner healthcare agencies offer free specialty services, such as HIV and Hepatitis C testing, mammograms, and flu shots. AMPHS may also offer specialty theme-based services each month. At the beginning of the screening, AMPHS volunteers distribute health surveys through which it collects health data used to analyze community health trends and develop education programs.

The Nurse Practitioner will be responsible for presiding over AMPHS screenings to conduct basic and specialty screenings, provide long-term medical counseling, and facilitate health education workshops. The NP will identify risk factors and lifestyle changes that the community member should pursue, as well as follow-up treatment. He or she will then work collaboratively with the Social Assistance team to connect community members to the relevant services based on treatment recommendations from the clinical encounter. The ideal candidate is passionate about working with immigrant communities and has significant experience working with low-income populations who have had little or no access to care.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Obtain and record client health history; perform comprehensive medical evaluations for biological, social and psychological needs, including screenings for BMI, blood pressure, heart and respiration rate, oxygen saturation, visual acuity, macular degeneration, oculomotor function, pupillary reflex, dementia, glucose and cholesterol, and mental health.
  • Educate and guide patients on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Provide group, individual and community education classes on disease prevention and management, wellness and nutrition.
  • Design curricula and education materials for public health education workshops.
  • Manage a regularly assigned caseload of community members at AMPHS open clinic hours and record care management information in EMR system no later than 24 hours after contact.
  • May be required to perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of nursing; Master’s degree in nursing; completion of a state acceptable Nurse Practitioner’s program; a minimum of one year’s experience is desirable. National certification in specialty is preferred. Proof of licensure is required at time of application.
  • Thorough knowledge in nursing techniques and procedures, medical and lab equipment, testing procedures, medications, and interviewing and counseling techniques.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language (in particular, Spanish and Chinese) a plus.
  • Previous experience working in a community-based, multi-cultural public health setting.
  • Ability to work independently; communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; deal tactfully and patiently with clients and other social work case managers.
  • Basic computer skills required.

Time Commitment:

  • At least one shift per month; Saturday availability required.  However, we are flexible with volunteer scheduling.

To Apply:

Please submit your cover letter, resume, and copy of your nursing license to Candidates will serve independently; that is, providing a broad range of clinical services based on their own scope of practice, comfort, and level of licensure as an independent clinician volunteering at AMPHS sites and events. Candidates will be asked to submit proof of current professional liability coverage prior to commencing the position.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis.

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Chinese/Spanish Translator

Position Description

The Academy of Medical & Public Health Services (AMPHS) works with a predominantly Latino and Chinese community in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, bringing them accessible healthcare through free health screenings and education workshops. At the beginning of each screening, AMPHS staff collects demographic data from each participating community member to conduct analytical research on predominant health trends in the local community. AMPHS also holds public health workshops that educate community members in health access, disease management and prevention, nutrition and wellness. We are seeking fluent or highly proficient Spanish, Cantonese and/or Mandarin speakers to interpret for AMPHS constituents during open clinics and events.

Translators will also have the opportunity to engage in other community fieldwork projects that include conducting interviews and focus groups and community outreach alongside our community engagement team. Additionally, they will be responsible for assisting with other administrative projects, such as recording Chinese/Spanish segments for educational videos, translating educational literature, brochures, flyers, and other outreach material, and writing Chinese/Spanish blog posts for our online news portal.

AMPHS screenings take place Saturdays on a weekly basis; workshops take place on weekends and select weekdays. Translators will receive training in medical terminology, patient history-taking, and HIPAA prior to engaging in a service role.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Interpret communication between AMPHS staff and non-English speaking AMPHS clients.
  • Translate written educational materials and documents in accordance with readability guidelines.
  • Work with social service team to follow up with non-English speaking population to inquire about individuals’ status and answer questions.
  • Assist non-English speaking population in completing documentation and forms.
  • Translate for facilitators in 3-4 community public health education workshops per month.
  • Assist Program Coordinator and senior managers in design of culturally-sensitive health services.
  • May be required to perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Native Chinese or Spanish speaker and/or advanced degree or training in the Chinese/Spanish language. Strong oral and written proficiency required. Applicants will be asked to submit a bilingual writing sample to demonstrate written and oral competency.
  • Prior knowledge of medical terminology preferred, but not required.
  • Ability to accurately interpret and communicate information in an unbiased, clear and concise manner with clients, families, and providers.
  • Ability to work independently in an efficient, productive manner while maintaining composure and sensitivity in accordance with the environment of health care services.
  • Basic computer skills and competency with Word processing systems required.

Time Commitment:

  • 7-10 hours per week; Saturday availability required.
  • The agreement for this position is effective until June 30, 2016 with the opportunity for renewal thereafter.

To Apply: 

Please submit your cover letter, resume, 1-2 page writing sample in English and Spanish or Chinese, and transcript (if current student or recent graduate) to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis until March 18, 2016.

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AMPHS welcomes new board members

AMPHS is excited to welcome four new members to its Board of Directors. They come from diverse backgrounds in law, psychology, finance, human resources and nonprofit management, and AMPHS President & CEO Hewett Chiu believes that this will signify a new direction for the organization.

“With the success AMPHS has seen over the past year, we are continuing to focus on strategic growth and how we can better serve our community members. To help guide our development, we underwent a search process to build a stronger Board of Directors in early 2014. I am very excited to introduce four new talented and dedicated professionals who will be joining the AMPHS board this year. This is truly a hands-on board who is passionate about healthcare access and service to our immigrant Sunset Park community.”

Meet our new Board members

 Scott Nolen, Secretary

ScottNolenScott currently serves as the Director of the Drug Addiction Treatment program at the Open Society Institute-Baltimore. This program partners with providers and advocates to provide access to high-quality drug addiction treatment to all individuals who need it. OSI-Baltimore works specifically on increasing the availability of such treatment for uninsured and underinsured people, in Baltimore and across the state of Maryland. Dr. Nolen is dually trained with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Duke University and a J.D. from Harvard University. He has worked in a variety of arenas including academic research centers, a Senate legislative office, and several advocacy positions in the public health and juvenile/criminal justice fields. Recently, he served as a health scientist in the National Institutes on Minority Health and Health Disparities Office of Strategic Planning, Legislation and Scientific Policy. In that capacity, he led a project focused on creating a resource portal to drive the national discussion on health disparities. Prior to that, he served as the Director of the Equal Justice Program at the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, which allowed him to combine his expertise in health care and criminal justice and utilize his legal training and social science research background to advocate for the most disenfranchised residents of New Jersey. Additionally, Dr. Nolen previously served as a Congressional Fellow for a United States Senator working on issues related to health care reform.

Bill Janes, Treasurer

BillJamesPrior to joining AMPHS, Bill served as a board member, CFO, financial management consultant, and volunteer at seven nonprofits. For two of the nonprofits at which Bill worked, he developed their strategic plan for doubling in size within four years. His plans were implemented and are proving successful. Bill comes to AMPHS with long-term experience as group vice president in charge of corporate financial management at European American Bank (EAB) and then at Citibank, which acquired EAB. Bill has a MBA in finance, MS in accounting, and a BS in financial management. He took an early retirement from commercial banking to “give back” by helping nonprofits succeed. He is convinced that AMPHS has great growth potential and is determined to help them reach it.

 Margaret-Ann Cole, Vice-Chair

MargaretColeMargaret-Ann is the Senior Vice President, Consulting Practice Leader for the Americas Northeast Region of Right Management responsible for both Career Management and Talent Management. Margaret-Ann combines expertise for developing, building and delivering innovative and integrated client workforce solutions spanning the entire employee development lifecycle. Known for engaging both colleagues and clients, developing innovative solutions, managing change, and helping individuals and teams reach their goals, Margaret-Ann has over 25 years of experience in working with organizations in shaping strategic direction and establishing organizational structures and operating systems to ensure achievement of strategic goals; leading revenue growth and cost reduction initiatives for Operations, Finance, HR, and IT functions.

Margaret-Ann has also provided services to companies by identifying and leveraging the talent of their people through: Helping businesses to think about and develop their corporate culture and its effect on individual performance; Enabling teams and systems to develop more effective and efficient ways of working; Performing in-depth one-to-one assessments for selection and development purposes, benchmarking managers against world-class standards; Assisting individuals to develop their personal performance, through executive coaching, development programs and mentoring schemes. Prior to joining Right Management, Margaret-Ann held senior positions with large consulting firms including Towers Watson, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Lee Hecht Harrison. Margaret-Ann is also on the Board of Directors of the non-profit organization, Rebuilding Together NYC. She has spoken on management issues in forums such as the American Management Association, Linkage, Marcus Evans, IQPC, and The College of New Jersey and has written for Dalbar, Trust & Investments, HR Advisory, Pharma Executive, and Human Resource Executive magazine.

Margaret-Ann graduated with a degree in economics and psychology from Fordham University. She holds a unique global executive MBA from TRIUM, an alliance of the New York University Stern School, the London School of Economics and the HEC Management School of Paris. She resides in NJ.

 Paige Lescure, Board Member

Paige Lescure 002-2A healthcare lawyer, public health advocate and teacher, Paige is passionate about advancing health and wellness education and access to quality healthcare for all individuals. Paige began her career in international banking law at White & Case in New York City but decided within a few years that her real interest was in healthcare law, a nascent legal specialty at that time. After earning an LLM in health care law at New York University School of Law, Paige began a 25-year career in private practice in health care law, representing hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers and entities. In 2011 Paige was invited to join the University of Maryland School of Law as Senior Health Law & Policy Fellow to assist with advocacy relating to health reform implementation in Maryland. In that role Paige worked to advance access to treatment for those with mental health and substance use disorders and was successful in achieving significant advancements in parity enforcement and other protections for vulnerable individuals in the State health reform legislation. In 2013 Paige joined the law faculty at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University where she teaches clinical law practice and is the Attorney-in-Charge of the Health Law & Policy Clinic. In addition to its policy work in advancing access to care, the Clinic provides free legal services to benefit low-income individuals seeking access to health care and the organizations that serve such individuals.

Summer outings for our volunteers

Volunteering is about finding a cause you believe in, and helping other people with your skills and experience. But it’s also about spending time with people you like!

Summer is a great time for that, and several of our volunteers filled their bellies at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg during a group outing this past Saturday. With volunteering, careers, kids and life, it’s hard to find time when everyone can get together, so we were excited to see everyone who came out.

2014-07-12 14.24.49


A potluck dinner is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, the 22nd, at the park in Sunset Park, for those who couldn’t make it on Saturday – or who are still hungry!

AMPHS Welcomes New Volunteers Aboard

AMPHS is pleased to announce four new volunteers. We would like to thank them for dedicating their time and expertise to the health of the Sunset Park community. Please join us in welcoming them aboard!

sariceSarice Greenstein, Spanish Translator 

Sarice will be interpreting on behalf of clients at screenings and education events and assisting with a number of translation projects at AMPHS. Sarice has lived in Texas for the past three years, but as a native (upstate) New Yorker, is happy to be back home. In Texas, she was involved in HIV prevention work, which inspired her passion for public health, and she is excited to start her Master’s program in Public Health next year. “For many years, I have had the pleasure of helping people understand each other across linguistic boundaries in Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Texas and Connecticut. I’m excited to be a part of the work AMPHS is doing in Sunset Park, and hope to be an important part of creating a healthier community.”

Alex DucettAlex Ducett, Development Associate 

Alex will help coordinate fundraising efforts and secure funds. She graduated from the University of Chicago in December 2013 with a B.A. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations and in Human Rights. She moved to New York soon after, and is currently looking to find a position at a human rights-focused non-profit or at a cultural institution or university. She is excited to work with AMPHS to gain experience in non-profit development and for the opportunity to contribute to a human rights-based organization working in the US.

clarkClark Aycock, Coordinator of Social Communications 

Clark will be responsible for directing all online outreach efforts, including social media, press releases and the monthly newsletter. Originally from North Carolina, he graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and then moved to New York in 1993 to work in the publishing industry. Since then, he has worked on, among other things, textbooks, magazines, children’s products and a pop culture website for teens. Clark’s interest in AMPHS’s mission was driven by his volunteer work with English-language discussion groups with recent immigrants. He loves the diversity of NYC, and Brooklyn especially, and knows that’s driven by immigration. He likes good pizza, and lives with his wife in Ditmas Park.

Nikki Gurley, Community Research and Outreach Associate

In her capacity as Community Research & Outreach Associate, Nikki will  serve as a liaison to create and sustain community partnerships and organize community health events. She will also provide assistance and support in data entry and analysis to help further AMPHS’ public health research efforts.

Volunteer Spotlight: Dennis Zheng, Chinese Translator

dennis picMost people who encounter us are surprised when they hear that AMPHS is a completely volunteer-run organization, and we thank our outstanding volunteers for their time, effort and, most of all, their unwavering devotion to our mission. For this issue of the newsletter, we decided to interview one of our volunteers, Dennis Zheng. He has been volunteering as a Chinese translator since November 2013, and has been an invaluable asset to AMPHS.

“I believe that AMPHS is a trusted resource that the community of Sunset Park relies on for their health concerns and questions.”

What do you do outside of AMPHS?

I work for Healthfirst, an organization that provides free and low-cost health insurance plans to eligible adults, children, families, and seniors living in New York State, as a field interpreter. I travel within the five boroughs to interpret for senior members in their semi-annual reassessments. The reassessment is important for them to make sure that their health care service is up to date and appropriate to their needs. Under the managed long-term care program, I have worked closely with the elderly, Chinese-speaking population of NYC. My role is to enable members to speak up for their needs and receive the quality of care they deserve.

Why did you choose to volunteer with AMPHS?

After I started working in the healthcare field, I felt like I was put in the frontline interacting with members. I understood that accessing healthcare is already hard, and the language barrier makes it even harder. The majority of the elderly population is uneducated, and many suffer from forgetfulness. Elderly people who live on their own are vulnerable, and unable to speak up for themselves. I know there is a great need in the Chinese community to receive the most basic and appropriate health care, so I wanted to use my language skills to fill in the gap. AMPHS’ values, vision, and mission attracted me to be a part of their team and their work. I do believe that AMPHS is a trusted resource that the community of Sunset Park relies on for their health concerns and questions.

Could you share a story with a community member that stands out in your memory?

I remember one particular community member whom I never met in person, but spoke to many times over the phone. He was calling to find out more about our vision assistance program, and I helped him apply for prescription lens. Because of his long working hours, he couldn’t visit AMPHS’ open house screening. Sheila Raj, AMPHS’ social worker, and I tried to schedule a trip to the optician for him, but we couldn’t coordinate it. A few weeks passed and I was upset because it seemed as though he would never have a chance to receive an eye exam or get glasses. To my surprise, he showed up on a Saturday at the AMPHS offices and finally got the care he deserved. I was very touched to see AMPHS’s direct impact on community members.

Volunteer Spotlight: Tess Aldrich, Clinical Volunteer

“By reaching out to communities and individuals who are otherwise marginalized from ‘mainstream’ medical feels great to be able to spend time really talking with people.”

IMG_3531As a public service organization serving a diverse ethnic community, AMPHS has a similarly diverse volunteer team operating its programs behind the scenes. This month, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of our clinical volunteers, Tess Aldrich to take a look at the work that she does both inside and outside of AMPHS.

Tess is an Adult and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with a background in public health research.  Prior to becoming an NP, she worked at the Population Council in Mexico City and later at Gynuity Health Projects on studies relating to cervical cancer screening and management, family planning, and maternal mortality prevention.  After earning her MSN at the Yale School of Nursing, she worked for two years in adult primary care at a federally-qualified community health center based in Harlem. She currently works at the NYU Student Health Center in Women’s Health Services.

What do you do outside of AMPHS?

I work as a Nurse Practitioner at the NYU Student Health Center, primarily in women’s health, managing a variety of gynecologic and primarily care conditions. Because the patient population is, for the most part, comprised of young, healthy individuals, we do a lot of preventive care and education, which I greatly enjoy. There are also opportunities for teaching and mentorship; I precept a Nurse Practitioner (NP) student each semester and recently gave a talk to nursing students on heart disease in women.

Why did you choose to volunteer at AMPHS?

My fist job as an NP was at a community health center in Harlem, where I worked in adult primary care. In this setting, patients presented with a range of chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness. We also saw a number of uninsured individuals, many of whom had not accessed medical care in years. While it was very challenging, I greatly enjoyed this work and wanted to maintain a connection with community health — specifically related to New York’s immigrant population. When I learned about AMPHS and its mission, it sounded like a wonderful opportunity to stay involved.

DSC_0726What has your experience been your experience as a clinical volunteer thus far?

I’ve had a great experience with AMPHS so far. I’ve particularly enjoyed the community events I participated in this past summer, and was also really impressed with the energy and expertise of the summer interns I met during these activities. The in-house screenings have also been a wonderful opportunity to meet community members I otherwise probably wouldn’t have contact with and to hear about their health concerns. People who attend these screenings range from those who have not seen a health care provider in years (and perhaps don’t know about many resources available to them) to those who are well-informed and very much linked in with health care services — but perhaps want to learn more about a specific health topic.

From a public health perspective, I think one of the biggest challenges that AMPHS has highlighted is that of accessing healthy food options (e.g. fresh, affordable produce) and safe spaces to exercise. At one community event last summer, it was really motivating to see the many participants — young and old alike (including some AMPHS volunteers) — participating in Tai Chi and Zumba classes together. One community group had also set up a cooking station to demonstrate healthy, easy recipes.

How has AMPHS impacted you?

By reaching out to communities and individuals who are otherwise marginalized from “mainstream” medical care, I’m constantly reminded of both how resourceful people are in managing their own health and that of their families, as well as how stressful it can be to live in a city like New York when English is not your first language, and you perhaps don’t feel entirely connected to the myriad communities and services around you. Additionally, while the in-house screenings can get quite busy depending on the number of community members who show up, it’s great to be able to spend time really talking with people and answering questions. As an NP, as much as we strive to give patients adequate time in busy medical practices, the reality is that the visit often ends up feeling quite rushed – which is a constant challenge for both patients and providers.

DSC_5559Do you have any suggestions for someone interested in a career in the healthcare field?

I do think being exposed early on to as many clinical settings and populations as possible can be critical; not only does this exposure build your skill set and teach the importance of adaptability, but I think it also impresses upon providers the importance of listening to patients and learning from them. I also think for someone just starting out, the importance of good mentorship cannot be stressed enough. As health care providers, we also learn so much from each other. This learning process is important throughout a career but especially valuable in the beginning.

Where do you see yourself in AMPHS in the future?

I think one of the most important aspects of AMPHS’ work is that of directing community members to medical and public health resources available to them. With the Affordable Care Act, hopefully many people who otherwise did not access medical and preventive health care will to do so now; AMPHS is well-situated to act as a liaison between individuals and these services. I also think the counseling/education piece that AMPHS provides (which sometimes falls through the cracks in busy health care settings) is incredibly important.

AMPHS Collaborates with Center for Family Life at Sunset Park High School to Offer Internship Placements

interns wantedThe Academy of Medical and Public Health Services is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Center for Family Life at Sunset Park High School to offer high school students job-training opportunities through term-long internships as a part of its 12th grade internship program. The Center for Family Life (CFL) is a family and social services based organization with its roots deep in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Its mission is to “promote positive outcomes for children, adults and families in Sunset Park through the provision of a comprehensive range of neighborhood-based family and social services.” By partnering with community centers, CFL facilitates access to opportunities that encourages students to develop into confident, capable adults.

AMPHS will be selecting 1-2 student interns to join its program from the CFL Internship Fair on February 27th, 2014. Student interns will have the opportunity to assist with coordinating AMPHS’ health activities and engaging the Sunset Park community through active outreach to local residents and organizations. They will also have the opportunity to participate in AMPHS health events throughout the month. This will be a significant learning opportunity for young adults with aspiring careers in public health, medicine, and nonprofits.

For more information on CFL, visit

Interested in Volunteering?

Would you like to make a direct difference in the lives of underserved community members?

Would you like to work directly to improve immigrant health outcomes?

Are you interested contributing your skills to a young, entrepreneurial organization?

DSC_0650As a grassroots community-based organization, AMPHS fills in gaps where the health care system leaves off. Right now, we are seeking new volunteers! Apply online and submit your resume and supplementary materials to

The following positions are now open :

Board Member – The Board Member will be expected to provide not only organizational governance, but also take an active role in fundraising, fiscal stewardship, networking, public relations, long-range strategic development, event planning, and Board recruitment.

Chief Medical Officer The Senior Vice President, Clinical Services & Chief Medical Officer will be responsible for overseeing clinical activities, clinical staff, faculty and medical programs at AMPHS. This may include approving and developing screening procedures, overlooking screening events, and organizing/directing clinical trainings for staff and educational programs for the community.

Chief Financial Officer The Chief Financial Officer will be the primary financial manager responsible for assessing the financial health of organization. The CFO will define the process and implement the infrastructure/systems needed to support substantial long-term growth of AMPHS.

Development Associate The Development Associate will be responsible for managing the organization’s fund raising campaigns. The candidate must become familiar with AMPHS programs and events, and seek for funding sources that will support them.

Spanish Translator The candidate should be a native Spanish speaker and/or have an advanced degree or training in the Spanish language and strong written and oral proficiency. Applicants will be asked to submit a writing sample in English and Spanish to demonstrate written and oral competency.

Clinical Volunteer AMPHS holds free in-house health screenings the third Saturday of every month, as well as community health fairs with partner organizations throughout the year, where our the clinical volunteer will help underprivileged community members in the New York City (and in particular, the Brooklyn Sunset Park area) undergo regular disease screenings.

Welcome Aboard, New AMPHS Volunteers!

Four new volunteers have recently joined the organization to dedicate their time in advancing the health and wellness of the Sunset Park community. Please join us in welcoming them aboard!

Peter Suib, Data Systems and Management Advisor

Peter Suib pic copyPeter Suib is joining AMPHS as an advisor in research and data collection. In this role, Peter will provide recommended practices and consistent methods to define, collect and analyze information to better understand the clients AMPHS serves. The analysis will aid in the development of additional client programs and serve as means to secure funding.

Suib has acted as consultant and program manager on many technology and business process improvement projects for over 30 years.  During the course of his career, he has designed, developed and implemented custom software applications for various world class organizations, and was instrumental in leading content integration for KPMG – a U.S. audit, tax and advisory services firm.  He later developed his own company Interactive Valley, providing consulting services focused on Business Process and Knowledge Management.

Guided by his passion for cooking, Suib then ventured into pursuing an alternative career path, where he became a restaurateur overseeing both catering and fine dining at two City Island Yacht clubs.  His journey then shifted back to process and methodology, where he currently leads process improvement projects for Best Buy’s Geek Squad Services, utilizing a Lean Six Sigma framework.

Suib joined AMPHS to gain a better understanding of the needs of the communities at Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and hopes to use the information to expand services and program. His inspiration for joining AMPHS comes from his wife’s lifelong work as a Nurse Practitioner, where she provides health care to the underserved, “making a difference” one client at a time.    

Andreas Tedjasukmana, M.D.,  Clinical Volunteer

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAndreas Tedjasukmana, M.D. will be joining AMPHS as a clinical volunteer. Dr. Tedjasukmana grew up in Indonesia, the home of Courage and Purity. He encountered many challenges, yet acquired valuable experiences away from home; not only earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Otago University in New Zealand, but furthermore embarked a new journey to Europe in 2005 to pursue his Medical Degree in Poznan University of Medical Science in Poland.  While in medical school, Dr. Tedjasukmana was the founder of the Student Health Clinic and a dedicated member of the Teddy Bear Clinic, both hospital-funded organizations, designed to provide basic medical care to the homeless and underserved families and children.

Granted with his medical diploma in 2009, Dr. Tedjasukmana decided to pursue further education in United States. Since 2010, he has spent considerable time and dedication working for research at the OB/GYN and Anesthesia division in S.U.N.Y Downstate and Lutheran Medical Center. In 2013, Dr. Tedjasukmana completed his observation training at the E.R at S.U.N.Y Downstate Hospital. Having completed USMLE certifications exam, Dr. Tedjasukmana is currently pursuing his residency in the United States.

In the meantime, he is involved extensively with AMPHS’ clinical events with the intent of providing basic health care to the underserved and uninsured communities throughout Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He is also training to be an advocate for the Domestic Abuse and Rape Victims of Beth Israel hospital. His ambitions further him to continue actively as a member of The Coalition for Asian Mental Health while beginning his rotation at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Stan Kogan, Community Research & Outreach Associate

StanStan Kogan will be interning with AMPHS for the spring term as Community Research and Outreach Associate, where he will provide assistance and support in data entry and analysis, community health research, social media communications, and event planning. Kogan’s parents emigrated from the small European country of Moldova in 1996, when he was only 6 years old. He started first grade only months after they arrived to America with no knowledge of English, but quickly learned the culture and language. Kogan has lived the immigrant experience and he feels grateful for the opportunities his family has had in this country.

Kogan began his college career in Baruch College, as an expected Finance major. However, this was around the year 2008, when the housing crash and financial woes were in full swing. It was in this environment that he began to study economics and policy while simultaneously observing the damage that these very institutions had wrought on the country, especially on the poor and middle-class. As a result, despite excellent grades and an acceptance to the Baruch Honors Program, he quickly became disillusioned with his chosen major. Hence, he decided to take a semester off to travel and learn more about himself and what his true interests were.

Over that semester he realized that he had always been deeply passionate about health. Whether it was physical health, nutrition, or socioeconomic disparities, he had always been fascinated and engaged in those subjects. However, he was always told that other than being an M.D., there was little to pursue in health. This is perhaps a common myth amongst immigrant families. Nevertheless, he began to research the possibility of a career in public health and became exceedingly excited at the possibility of working in that field. As a result, he applied to the University at Buffalo (UB) Exercise and Nutrition Science program at their School of Public Health as a way of learning as much about public health and medicine as he could in a bachelor program. After several semesters at UB, he finally discovered that the specific profession he was interested in is Epidemiology, and he has been pursuing that career ever since. Currently, he is in the process of applying to MPH programs and intends to begin shortly.

Kogan is very excited to learn about the role AMPHS plays in disease prevention within the Sunset Park community and believes that the experience he gains with AMPHS will be exceedingly useful in his chosen field.

Olivia MengMeng Zhao, MBA, Chinese Translator

oliviaOlivia (MengMeng) Zhao will be joining AMPHS as a Chinese translator and Mandarin interpreter. Zhao is originally from China, and graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in January of 2014 with a MBA. She obtained her Shanghai Foreign Language Interpretation Certification in 2010. Zhao joined AMPHS because of her love for translation. She is excited that AMPHS will give her an opportunity to serve underserved communities in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

We heartily welcome our new volunteers to the AMPHS family!