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Schedule a Health Event with AMPHS at Your Center!

screening 3Community organizations are invited to schedule health events with us this spring. Here at AMPHS, we make our biggest impact by providing individuals the opportunity to interact with our clinicians and social workers as a group and one-on-one. While we hold monthly in-house screening events, much of our work takes place outside of our facilities with our community partners.

Organizations can choose among the following services that AMPHS routinely offers:

Health screenings, including BMI, blood pressure, vision, memory, HIV and hepatitis C screenings.

Health workshops related to disease, health and wellness, conducted in three languages (English, Spanish, Chinese).

Lifestyle plan and social service counseling, where clinical volunteers and social work staff will sit down with community members to evaluate and their lifestyle behaviors and social situations and provide the best lifestyle plan and health insurance, prescription, and vision assistance options.

screeningHealth-related services are desperately needed in communities like Sunset Park, where many people have not seen a healthcare professional in years. In addition, many are unwilling to see a doctor because they haven’t seen one in years, and are afraid of costs that might incur or potential deportation if they are undocumented. Issues like mental health are highly stigmatized and people are not motivated to attend counseling sessions or workshops. To help deal with some of these issues, AMPHS offers its services in a safe, comfortable environment. AMPHS is blind to identification and insurance status and offers its services to the community at large, regardless of whether or not community members can afford them.

Mon Yuck Yu, AMPHS’ Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, has volunteered at several such events at hewett w CMUnited Sunset Senior Citizens Center in Brooklyn. Yu believes that “it is incredible the amount of impact we are able to make. Although many of the seniors have health insurance (like Medicare due to their age), there are many who fall through the gaps, and are unable to afford certain procedures or whose primary care physicians don’t communicate with them in the right ways. Our counseling has really helped them discover the path to better health. Some people would come up to us after the workshops to ask questions that don’t even get answered by a regular physician. For example, one person from a previous screening had extremely low blood pressure and after speaking with one of our clinical volunteers, was told that he needed to simply drink more water to alleviate his condition, which his doctor did not inform him about because he did not look close enough at his diet and lifestyle behaviors…Clinical Staff Member Takes BPin fact, many people have trouble believing that we are offering all of these services for free.”

Kathleen Tam, who has served as the Chinese translator for a number of health screenings recalls: “Older community members are eager to participate in the health education sessions. They usually gather and listen to us. I think they learn something new about how to stay healthy every time we go in. They also take our handouts home and share with their family and friends.”

Community members who attend screening and healthcare-related workshops will return to AMPHS for longer follow-up care and to seek additional social services. While AMPHS does not substitute a regular provider, it attempts to be the intermediary providing community members with the knowledge of their health risk factors, prevention methods, and resources for health access.

AMPHS Brings Healthcare Services to Underserved Brownsville Church & Food Pantry

September 23, 2012

Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) held a large health screening on Saturday, September 22 at Mount Hebron Church of Christ in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, a predominantly African American community. Mount Hebron Food Pantry is connected to the Church. Bishop McDonald Moses, David Moses, Executive Director of Mount Hebron Food Pantry, and Shirlene Canady, Director of Health and Wellness helped organize the event.

AMPHS clinical volunteers performed comprehensive screenings including: Body-mass index assessments, visual acuity, pupillary reflex, and oculomotor function testing, blood pressure measurements, heart rate assessments, respiration rate assessments, oxygen saturation assessments, memory and cognition screenings for detection of Alzheimer’s, HIV testing (oral swabs conducted by Interfaith Medical Center), nutrition and lifestyle choices consultations, and resource and network referrals to free community clinics for follow-up.

AMPHS also distributed supplements from the Vitamin Shoppe to promote health and wellness.

Big Apple Rx distributed prescription assistance cards and MetroPlus Health came on board to help enroll people in affordable public health (Medicaid and Medicare) insurance plans.

AMPHS screened a total of 46 people, and others stopped by the Community Resource table to pick up health brochures.

Mon Yuck Yu, Clinical Volunteer at AMPHS commented on the health profiles of the community members seen.

“Many of the people we screened had drug, smoking alcohol issues, as well as bad diets,” Yu said. “It was an interesting experience working with this population, but most of all, we were thrilled to have been able to serve this community and provide them with much needed educational information and healthcare services.”

Hewett Chiu, President & CEO, AMPHS, sentimented that AMPHS services are needed in the most underserved communities.

“This health screening was one of our most successful events to date. We saw just how many underserved community members are illiterate and really needed our help understanding the basics of healthcare,” he said.

Event pics will be available soon!

AMPHS to Host “Health Reform and You” Tabling Event at Brooklyn Public Library – Sunset Park

October 1, 2012

With the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act passing Supreme Court scrutiny late June, many states are scrambling to implement health reform. While health reform has certainly made access to healthcare much more affordable and feasible for many uninsured Americans, there are still groups left out, not knowing what options exist.

Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS), in partnership with the Sunset Park branch of the Brooklyn Public Library will be hosting a tabling event in Brooklyn, New York called “Health Reform & You” to review the basics of health reform for community members, and the alternatives that exist for those who are not covered by the Affordable Care Act, i.e. undocumented immigrants. This event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 13 from 10:30AM – 1:00PM and Friday, October 19 from 3:00 – 5:00PM and will be presented in English, Spanish, and Chinese on both days. AMPHS will be distributing literature on the Affordable Care Act and healthcare insurance options, and informing community members about the other services they offer. AMPHS plans to host a workshop on the Affordable Care Act sometime in the near future.

This tabling event is part of the myAMPHS Open Access program, which aims to break down any and all barriers that exist to providing accessible and affordable health care to all, such that anyone and everyone can appreciate healthcare not as a privilege, but as a basic human right.

If you are wondering what you can do, how you can seek medical care, and what options there are, this workshop is perfect for you.  By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of the various alternatives available to seek healthcare, and where you can go for assistance and guidance.  AMPHS will have a table with brochures and other information available at the event.

About myAMPHS Open Access: 

To address the lack of access to care for undocumented immigrants, AMPHS has created it’s myAMPHS Open Access Program under its myAMPHS Community Membership Program.  Launching late 2012, Open Access aims to address the barriers of undocumented immigrants to access healthcare by bringing together resources currently in place into one streamlined, comprehensive program.

Through the program, Open Access members will receive access to all preventative care services offered within the organization.  Based on each individual health situation, determinations about further medical care will be made.  Undocumented immigrants may be eligible to receive: Permanent Residence Under Color of Law (PRUCOL) status, New York State Medicaid for Emergency Care, Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) / Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation (COBRA) Act, NYC Health and Hospital Corporation (HHC) assistance, Pre-natal Care Assistance Program & Family Planning Extension Program, and free and low cost clinics.  AMPHS caseworkers will be assigned to each Open Access member, and ongoing relationships and support will be established.

At this time, Open Access is only provided to those who live in Brooklyn, NY.

AMPHS will provide Open Access Members:

  • Public community workshops and seminars on health access, health reform, healthy lifestyles, and AMPHS services
  • Individual consultations with AMPHS caseworkers to develop a customized plan and portfolio of services tailored to the individual
  • Prescription Assistance by means of Big Apple Rx cards and referrals to other assistance centers
  • Regular health screenings and wellness check-ups to ensure continuous healthy medical status, lifestyle, and compliance with medical care directions and medications, etc.

This event is open to the public.  Please bring your family and friends.

To access the flier, please click here: Health Reform & You BPL Workshop__Oct 13 & 19

AMPHS Heads Uptown for National Action Network Health Fair

September 10, 2012

National Action Network’s (NAN) Headquarters in Harlem, New York City.

Volunteers of Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) made their way to National Action Network’s (NAN) headquarters in Harlem, New York to participate as a vendor at their 2nd annual community health fair on Saturday, September 8th.  The event marks the second time this year AMPHS has been involved in NAN’s health-related activities. The event was scheduled to take place outdoors but moved indoors due to heavy rains.  It was also open to the public.

The heavy rain didn’t stop the health fair or AMPHS volunteers from traveling from Brooklyn to provide the much needed healthcare services for the community, primarily comprised of African Americans. AMPHS had a total of six volunteers, two of which were members of the clinical team who provided community members with blood pressure, memory and cognition, heart rate and respiration screenings, and nutrition and lifestyle choices consultations.

Twenty community members were provided with Community Health Resource session and healthcare overview, and many members received free Big Apple Rx cards that provide discounts for brand name and generic drug prescriptions. AMPHS screened a total of 26 people.

NAN’s 2nd annual community health fair was organized by Ms. Queenie Huling, Chairperson of the Health & Wellness Committee of NAN.

“Free music, Dancing Popcorn, ice cold juices, water and over 150 community members. If this sounds like a good time it was,” said Sandra George, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations. “Now add blood pressure screenings, nutritional counseling, health care resource information and a team of healthcare clinical and administrative staff. AMPHS was pleased to partner with NAN and offer health Screenings and provide healthcare resource information and counseling to the community.  Participating and having the opportunity to provide these important and needed services to the Harlem community was inspirational and fulfilling. More important was being able to provide these services in an atmosphere that was cheerful, comfortable and inviting to the community. AMPHS looks forward to a long relationship with the NAN Health and Wellness Committee.”

Latesha Richards, Director of Marketing, concurred. “We were so happy to have had the opportunity to bring our services to Harlem, work with the Health and Wellness Committee at NAN, and the Harlem community,” she said. “Based on the number of people who attended, and came to us to get screenings, we could tell that the need for healthcare services is great, and people are very interested in learning their healthcare status. All in all, we felt right at home there and had a wonderful time at the event.”

With YouthBridge Grant, AMPHS’ Community Research & Resource Center Gets Fresh, New Look

June 27, 2012

What’s new at Academy of Medical and Public Health Services’ (AMPHS) headquarters?  AMPHS’ Community Research & Resource Center got a make-over!  Community members can stop by for a comfortable and private study on any medical condition known to man.

Using funds from their YouthBridge Grant reward received earlier this month, AMPHS re-modeled the resource center into a homely library room furnished with bookshelves, an office desk and chairs, desk lamps, and dark window curtains for private for in-depth reading.  Re-located to room 201, the center is now larger, more spacious, and includes a printing station to print out referrals or online resources for community members.  There are plans to install a computer terminal for community members to check their health status and re-cataloging the room to make it more user friendly for them.

The Community Research & Resource Center is sponsored by the Center for Healthcare Policy & Management, which aims to provide community members access to resources that will assist them in making informed decisions about their general health and wellbeing.  Through group seminars, one-on-one consultations, and independent research, the Center provides the tools necessary for community members to better understand their bodies, medical conditions, health concerns, and issues related to public health.

Information community members can find in the Resource Center include an extensive collection of reference materials and resources outlining specific diseases, conditions, and health-related topics, comprehensive FDA information sheets, database for community members to take home, NIH News In Health subscription for public use to outline breakthrough research and treatment options.

As part of the Center’s mission, AMPHS also gives public presentations and seminars on health access and coverage and prescription access.

One can find the Community Resource Center at AMPHS’ headquarters located in Room 201 AMPHS NYC 5306 Third Avenue, 2nd Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11220.


Let us know what you think about our re-modeled Resource Center. Send your comments!