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Mon Yuck Yu, AMPHS Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff

We at AMPHS couldn’t be more proud of Mon Yuck Yu, AMPHS Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff, for being selected as one of New York Nonprofit Media’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars.

The daughter of a first-generation immigrant, Mon Yuck has long been devoted to the causes of New York City’s low-income and immigrant populations, specifically through the advancement of equitable and accessible health care.

Through AMPHS, Mon Yuck has worked tirelessly to advocate for those without documentation, health insurance, the means, or perhaps the language skills to navigate the U.S. healthcare system on their own. She’s performed community needs assessments to guide the free health services AMPHS provides from their headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She coordinates with local government officials, partner organizations in health and immigrant justice, and AMPHS’ own volunteer force to provide these much-needed services, such as physical exams, Hepatitis C and HIV screenings, mammograms, blood testing, flu shots, dental services, eye exams, as well as health counseling and other social services.

On screening days, Mon Yuck often serves as an interpreter as well, speaking to community members in English, Chinese, and Spanish. She also conducts CPR, First Aid and emergency preparedness workshops. Her fundraising and outreach accomplishments include AMPHS’ first annual Health Empowerment Celebration this past summer, which brought hundreds of Brooklyn residents to Sunset Park for health-related activities, demonstrations, and information from a variety of local businesses and organizations.

Mon Yuck, whose father, an immigrant carpenter with meager benefits, passed away from cancer felt disempowered by the healthcare system and felt that people like him needed a voice. She was not alone. Brooklyn, New York 2015
Mon Yuck assists community members at AMPHS Headquarters.

Through her efforts, Mon Yuck has bettered not only the standing of this young healthcare initiative, only in its fifth year, but also the standard of care for the underserved communities she works with. We cannot think of anyone more passionate about nonprofit work or more deserving of this incredible honor.

In addition to her work for AMPHS, Mon Yuck has held various positions at American Red Cross, Chinese-American Planning Council, FEMA and New York State Assembly. She has a background in Psychology and Anthropology from Dartmouth College and NYU and is currently pursuing a degree in Public Administration at Columbia University. ‎