Month: April 2014

Benefits of a healthy breakfast

breakfast cerealMornings are typically when we are most strapped for time. But research has shown that taking time to eat a nutritious breakfast that is high in protein and whole grains, and low in fat and calories may do wonders. A healthy breakfast can

– help improve concentration during the day

– lower cholesterol levels

– improve memory

– decrease risk of diabetes and heart failure.

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April Health Tip: Binge drinking

alcohol awareness

Photo Credit : CDC

The Centers for Disease Prevention wants to highlight the risks involved when women indulge in binge drinking. Binge drinking can be defined as consuming four or more drinks per occasion. (For men, it’s five or more drinks per occasion).

Binge drinking is dangerous for both men and women, but causes a disproportionate number of health and social problems for women. This pattern of drinking contributes to approximately 32 deaths per day in women! In a survey, women who binge drink reported that they indulge in risky behavior at least three times a month. This is not surprising, as excessive alcohol consumption leads to impaired judgment and decision making.

It is important to remember that no amount of alcohol is safe to drink while pregnant. There is no safe time to drink, and no safe kind of alcohol to drink. 

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