NYLPIAMPHS is proud to announce a new partnership with the New York Lawyers for Public Interest (NYLPI).

Based in New York City, the mission of NYLPI is to facilitate equality and civil rights by furthering justice in the realms of health, disability and the environment. Institutional barriers such as a lack of proper healthcare providers in underserved neighborhoods and segregation of patients based on income are only some issues that people of color face. By partnering with hospitals and healthcare organizations, NYLPI fights against closure of clinics, challenges the practice of unequal healthcare and organizes community outreach events, so that immigrant families can gain healthcare information in the language they speak. NYLPI is one of the few organizations in New York that aims to bring racial justice to health care advocacy.

AMPHS, in collaboration with NYLPI, will work to help connect underserved immigrant community members with the proper resources so they can receive the healthcare they deserve. In line with its mission, NYLPI will provide legal help and counseling for uninsured and undocumented immigrants, and act as advocates for individuals that have been denied access to care. This includes helping AMPHS clients file legal paperwork and contacting hospitals to ensure that community members get the medical help they need. Staff attorneys will also connect community members to their extensive referral network for additional legal or social assistance as appropriate. Moreover, NYPLI plans to work directly with AMPHS to provide free “Know Your Rights” workshops to the Sunset Park community as well as equip AMPHS volunteers with the resources for counseling and advising community members seeking help.

For more information about NYLPI, visit www.nylpi.org