In recognition of December 2013 HIV/AIDS Awareness Month, AMPHS partnered with AmidaCare to provide health care access information to individuals who have been tested as HIV-positive.

amidacareAs a Medicaid health plan, Amida Care provides services to individuals with HIV/AIDS living in Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan, with sites in Downstate SUNY and Brownville, NY.  By working with a special team of people such as social workers, health navigators, behavioral health specialists and a designated medical home, Amida Care is committed to serving people with chronic health conditions.

Individuals who participate in the plan do not have any out-of-pocket costs for treatment and care, and are given a $40 stipend per month for pursuing continuous follow-up care with their physicians. They will first be invited to a new members orientation and moving forward, are also invited to participate in regular town hall meetings and live-your-life events.

Unfortunately, undocumented individuals are not covered through this program, but can refer to CAMBA for additional resources and treatment information.

Learn more about Amida Care and its programs by visiting