photo 2 (2)This November and December, (Re)Vision Video Magazine will be filming at the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services for a featured piece on social entrepreneurship. (Re)Vision Video Magazine is a story platform seeking to inspire others to follow their visions and  their passions. Mon Yuck, our Chief of Staff, was chosen as one of the first four mini-documentaries to be featured in its upcoming release. Her story highlights her pioneering work with AMPHS and her devoted vision to its cause.

Throughout the month, (Re)Vision documentarists Alexander Stockton and Natalia Rodriguez will be interviewing Mon Yuck as well as other AMPHS volunteers on their experiences and their motivations for volunteering at the organization. They will be following the work of volunteers at screening events, trainings, and outreach activities, and interviewing community members about the impact the organization is making on their lives. Stockton and Rodriguez hope that that these inspirational stories will motivate other young people to pursue their visions and become recognized leaders in their communities.

Following AMPHS’ recent selection for its top-rated nonprofit status, (Re)Vision will also be putting together a video to help support the AMPHS cause. The video will feature AMPHS’ everyday work in the community and incorporate the touching stories of community members whose lives have been adversely affected by the gaping holes in health care. AMPHS hopes that the video will encourage viewers to recognize that even those who have lost their voice in society — the low-income, underprivileged, and many times, undocumented population — still deserve health care as a basic human right.

Video Sneak Peeks:

MYY and HC MeetingScreen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.36.45 PM

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