Community Member Filling Out Survey FormThis past fall, AMPHS rolled out a new version of its health screening survey form, which will be distributed to community members during its health screening events. The new form will be more user-friendly and include questions to facilitate clinician counseling. This will include questions on past vaccination and screening history, diet, sexual history, and advanced directives.

This information will enable AMPHS clinical volunteers to provide more detailed counseling sessions for community members as well as more comprehensive referral services. Participants’ health status will be tracked for improvement during recurrent follow-up appointments. We will also be launching an electronic form for community members with pre-scheduled appointments to complete before each screening to enhance the efficiency of their visit.

The public health data will moreover be entered into an anonymous database to contribute to AMPHS’ public health research project. A Sunset Park Community Health Report is expected to be completed by the end of 2013 for public examination. AMPHS would like to thank its volunteers Pensri Ho, Mon Yuck Yu, Hewett Chiu, Tony Schwartz, Tess Aldrich, Kathleen Tam, and Edith Zang for their contributions to this project.