AMPHS is pleased to announce that Sonny Nijjar and Shaili Parmar, both medical students at St. Georges University, will be joining AMPHS as Clinical Volunteers. Here is a little about each of them in their own words:

Sonny Nijjar, CVSonny Nijjar

“I have always believed that there is an untold connection which unites all beings on our planet. Some people find this connection through science or art or religion, I have affirmed this connection through the integration of healing into life. Naturally, my inclination towards science and medicine was made during university in Canada. I am currently in the 4th year of medical school and will receive me degree from St. Georges University. In the past few years I have learned a lot about medicine and perhaps even more about life.  I have found that by combining western healing philosophy with eastern spirituality, all within the background of a community based approach, a holistic connection is made, encompassing healing through unity. AMPHS is a wonderful medium to unite communities and ultimately society under a common health-first umbrella. Through AMPHS I feel there is an opportunity to enhance the entire human connection.  I look to utilize the new found understandings of public health into my practice and more importantly, into life.”

shaili2Shaili Parmar

“Community service has been a part of my life since some of my earliest memories. Spending the first eight years of my life in India exposed me to a wide array of societal conditions which relied on community aid, as such, I am very aware of current issues surrounding public health and healthcare in general. I completed many courses related to public health during my undergraduate completion at Boston University. My affinity towards health care drew me towards the field of medicine, which I am currently in my 4th year and will receive my degree from St. Georges University. I am looking forward to a residency in Family Medicine where I will actively incorporate public health awareness and disease prevention techniques to my practice. Naturally, when I discovered AMPHS a serendipitous feeling came over me as I was completing 3rd year rotations only a block away at Lutheran medical center. I feel very strongly that AMPHS will help expand my awareness of the public health sector and the medical needs of individual communities. AMPHS has a strong framework of community based care driven by the clinical knowledge of caring and enthusiastic individuals, thus, I feel very comfortable with my decision to donate my time there. I look forward to many more learning opportunities within the context AMPHS outreach programs to continually better myself, communities, and ultimately, humanity.”

Welcome to the team. We are excited to have you!