stock-footage-multiethnic-group-of-female-customer-service-representatives-talking-on-the-phone-and-looking-atAs part of its efforts to expand its resources to the Latino and Asian community that AMPHS currently serves, AMPHS is proud to announce that it will be offering multilingual support through its phone system and website. This August, we completed a project to launch a multilingual support line in four languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese Chinese.

Individuals can now call in to (212) 256-9036 and speak with a live representative to obtain more information about upcoming health screening events, schedule an appointment, or get in touch with a clinical volunteer for health and wellness counseling and referrals in all four languages. Our automatic messaging system also offers an express portal to information on AMPHS’ upcoming event dates, office location and directions, and operating hours. These added features supplement the existing English-based phone messaging system. We would like to give a big thank you to our volunteers Adriana Cardenas, Pensri Ho, Mon Yuck Yu, and Jie Sun for their contributions to this project.

Beginning next year, AMPHS will be translating sections of its website to Spanish and Chinese to provide community members with easier access to appointment-scheduling, event updates, and information and resources on health and health care. This includes additions of multilingual resources like downloadable brochures and videos. Please stay tuned for more updates!