March 11, 2013

Academy of Medical and Public Health is pleased to announce that the following volunteers have joined the organization:

Gary Clarke, Senior Vice President, Human Capital & CPO

Gary ClarkeGary Clarke brings over a quarter-century of experience in human resource management to the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services. He has led human resource management teams and made an impact in human resource business partner roles at all levels for former and current FORTUNE 500 member companies Teradyne, Colgate-Palmolive, Allergan, Nabisco, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, American Water and Terex.

His exposure to a diversity of companies, business cultures and geographic markets across multiple business sectors: technology, drug and hospital supply, snack foods, and infrastructure has allowed him to build an innovative people solutions toolkit and practical sense for managing growth, transformation and change in a variety of situations.

His local, divisional, headquarter and global site operations experience in both union and non-union environments across a broad spectrum of enterprise functions and industries provides Gary with a highly qualified perspective relative to business process change, its impact on talent and careers. His own career odyssey has also given him a hands-on understanding of both organizational and individual transformation within the world of work. Throughout his career, he has coached, developed and helped to promote and move numerous executives and professionals along their chosen career path around the globe. In addition to his generalist experience, his specialist experiences include dedicated recruiting, compensation, employee and labor-management relations assignments. He has moved across the U.S. and expatriated to the UK for key executive development assignments and has built management teams in almost every region of the US and most world regions including zones encompassing China, Australia and South Africa.

In keeping with his passion for effecting positive change and empowering people, he is attracted to the AMPHS mission–especially with regard to meeting the needs of underserved or over-looked stakeholder communities, he also gives time to Taproot-NYC as a pro bono Account Director and Project Manager, facilitates human resource management discussion groups for Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO-NYC); serves as a career management course facilitator/adjunct for Norwalk Community College. He is also an active alumni club member for Cornell University lending a hand with undergraduate recruiting efforts and takes part in the Cornell Clubs of NYC and Fairfield County where he serves as a Board Member.

Amina-Louise Asabigi, Clinical Volunteer

Amina-Louise AsabigiAmina currently works as a Pharmacist at a busy 24- hour CVS Pharmacy in Flatlands, Brooklyn. She enjoys counseling patients on a daily basis and believes through patient education, patients are empowered to take control of their health thereby increasing medication compliance and control of their chronic disease states. She also believes in supporting the community and have volunteered in both clinical and non-clinical settings. As a clinical volunteer, she would to contribute to the education, awareness and disease prevention that all members of a community need. Amina enjoys traveling around the world, eating interesting foods and spending time with friends and family.

Please join us in welcoming Gary and Amina to the AMPHS family!