Month: March 2013

New Volunteer Announcement – March 2013

March 11, 2013

Academy of Medical and Public Health is pleased to announce that the following volunteers have joined the organization:

Gary Clarke, Senior Vice President, Human Capital & CPO

Gary ClarkeGary Clarke brings over a quarter-century of experience in human resource management to the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services. He has led human resource management teams and made an impact in human resource business partner roles at all levels for former and current FORTUNE 500 member companies Teradyne, Colgate-Palmolive, Allergan, Nabisco, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, American Water and Terex.

His exposure to a diversity of companies, business cultures and geographic markets across multiple business sectors: technology, drug and hospital supply, snack foods, and infrastructure has allowed him to build an innovative people solutions toolkit and practical sense for managing growth, transformation and change in a variety of situations.

His local, divisional, headquarter and global site operations experience in both union and non-union environments across a broad spectrum of enterprise functions and industries provides Gary with a highly qualified perspective relative to business process change, its impact on talent and careers. His own career odyssey has also given him a hands-on understanding of both organizational and individual transformation within the world of work. Throughout his career, he has coached, developed and helped to promote and move numerous executives and professionals along their chosen career path around the globe. In addition to his generalist experience, his specialist experiences include dedicated recruiting, compensation, employee and labor-management relations assignments. He has moved across the U.S. and expatriated to the UK for key executive development assignments and has built management teams in almost every region of the US and most world regions including zones encompassing China, Australia and South Africa.

In keeping with his passion for effecting positive change and empowering people, he is attracted to the AMPHS mission–especially with regard to meeting the needs of underserved or over-looked stakeholder communities, he also gives time to Taproot-NYC as a pro bono Account Director and Project Manager, facilitates human resource management discussion groups for Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO-NYC); serves as a career management course facilitator/adjunct for Norwalk Community College. He is also an active alumni club member for Cornell University lending a hand with undergraduate recruiting efforts and takes part in the Cornell Clubs of NYC and Fairfield County where he serves as a Board Member.

Amina-Louise Asabigi, Clinical Volunteer

Amina-Louise AsabigiAmina currently works as a Pharmacist at a busy 24- hour CVS Pharmacy in Flatlands, Brooklyn. She enjoys counseling patients on a daily basis and believes through patient education, patients are empowered to take control of their health thereby increasing medication compliance and control of their chronic disease states. She also believes in supporting the community and have volunteered in both clinical and non-clinical settings. As a clinical volunteer, she would to contribute to the education, awareness and disease prevention that all members of a community need. Amina enjoys traveling around the world, eating interesting foods and spending time with friends and family.

Please join us in welcoming Gary and Amina to the AMPHS family!

National Nutrition Month: AMPHS March 16th FREE Health Screening & Health Insurance Enrollment

March 14, 2013

healthy eating 2

In recognition of National Nutrition Month in March, Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) invites all Sunset Park residents and visiting New Yorkers to attend a FREE healthcare screening on Saturday, March 16, 2013 in Sunset Park! Come learn how you can maintain good health and a balanced, nutritious diet. You can also enroll in affordable public healthcare insurance, if you are eligible!

When: Saturday, March 16, 2013

Time: 1 – 5PM

Where: AMPHS Headquarters, 5306 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Affinity Health Plan Color Logo

A facilitated enroller from Affinity Health Plan be there to tell you about free or low-cost health insurance options for your children and family.

If you are interested in enrolling in affordable healthcare insurance, here’s what you will need to bringhealthy eating 3 with you.

– Proof of address (e.g. recent electric, telephone bill, etc.)

– Proof of child’s age (e.g. birth certificate, passport)

– Proof of income (e.g., 4 recent paycheck stubs)

– Social Security Card (if available)

Please be advised: anyone seeking affordable healthcare insurance must be a LEGAL resident of the U.S.

Friendly staff that speak Spanish will be there!

If you know anyone who would like to attend, please refer! Please note: All healthcare screenings are optional and information will be kept strictly confidential.


Here’s a copy of the flyer:

March 2013 – National Nutrition Month

March 2013 - National Nutrition Month

AMPHS Seeks Short-/Long-Term Office Sub-letters To Meet Fundraising Goals

March 11, 2013

408310_408615612533866_1054792870_nAcademy of  Medical and Public Health (AMPHS) is seeking short-term or long-term tenants to sublease their current commercial office space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The space is available for immediate occupancy. If you, someone you know, or an organization is seeking to rent office space, we encourage you to spread the word and contact us! All organizational types and usage will be considered. All details and photos below.

The office space is great for:
– Book signings
– Teaching adult classes
– Focus groups
– Meet-up groups
– Individual or company work space
– Incubators
– Workshops
– Meeting space for private / non-profit businesses

and creative usage such as:

-potential gallery exhibitions

– photography sessions

– filming

Help us reach our 2013 fundraising goal!


AMPHS is located in a 1,200 square foot office facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York.  Individuals 3E23G33H65L65H75Jad2m945bd2d30d121910or entities needing space to conduct business, whether for one day in a single room, for an extended period of time, or on a long-term basis, can rent office space and equipment at extremely competitive prices.  Additional amenities include full complimentary use of the AMPHS pantry, reception area, and first floor lobby.  In addition, rooms are fully furnished with mahogany single-pedestal desks, individual workstations, cubicles, chairs, etc.  All you have to do is come in, sit down, and get to work — everything else is taken care of!

Prices for office space are as follows:


Monthly Rentals —
(includes fully furnished work room with 4 individual workstations and cubicles and a large skylight, individual office, larger conference room, a PRIVATE reception lobby for your own use to greet your own guests during your rental periods, pantry, and bathroom)

Monthly Rental Option A – Specific Days

Choose your own day: $450/month
With this option, you can reserve the same day each week, and that day will be permanently yours throughout the month for as long as you like!  For example, you can reserve Mondays, and the office will be solely yours on each Monday.  You can come in and fully use all 3 rooms and the entire available office space for every Monday, every month, for as long as you need and you will be the only party in the office on Mondays.

Monthly Rental Option B – Regular Monthly Rentals

Unlimited use of the office for half the week, every week each month*: $850
With this option, you can choose the 3 days of the week you would like to use the office, and those days will be permanently yours for as long as you like!

Unlimited use of the office for the entire week, every week each month*: $1,500
With this option, you can use the office for the entirety of the week, and all the available rooms and office space will be yours throughout the week for as long as you like!  It’s exactly as if you have your own space, except all the furniture and furnishings are already provided so you can just concentrate on your work!

*Please note: Saturdays are currently unavailable.

All monthly rentals include free and unlimited use of furniture, pantry, bathroom, lobby, fully furnished conference room (with projector screen and 32″ TV) and reception hall.  Tenant will pay appropriate percentage of all utilities and his/her share of pantry/bathroom supplies.  FOR ALL MONTHLY RENTALS, TENANT WILL HAVE 24 HOUR UNLIMITED ACCESS TO THE OFFICE ON THE RESPECTIVE DAYS OF OFFICE USE, WILL BE THE ONLY PARTY IN THE OFFICE, AND WILL HAVE A DEDICATED RECEPTION AREA JUST FOR YOUR PARTICULAR USE.  You will not be sharing the office with anyone else – the entire space is yours for your days of reservation.  Impress your clients and staff with your dedicated space!


Single Event Rentals (by room) —

Conference Room (sits up to 12 people) $200 per day
8 leather executive conference chairs, 8 additional seating chairs, 3 conference tables, whiteboard, projector screen, podium, 32″ TV with audio/visual input

Work Room A $100 per day
1 private working desk within an elegantly furnished miniature library, with banker’s lamps and floor lamps

Work Room B $200 per day
2 individual workstations, private team workstation for up to 4 people, skylight

Single Event Office SPECIAL:
$300 for all rooms in entire office, including all utility expenses, supplies needed, use of reception and lobby area

All single event rentals include free use of furniture, pantry, bathroom, and shared main lobby/reception hall.
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AMPHS Partners with Affinity Health Plan to Provide Free or Low Cost Healthcare Insurance to Sunset Park

March 6, 2013

Academy of Medical and Public Health ServicesAffinity Health Plan Color Logo

Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) has partnered with Affinity Health Plan. Affinity Health Plan is a non-profit organization that offers free or low cost healthcare insurance to residents of the New York City metropolitan area.

A facilitated enroller Affinity Health Plan joined us during our February 16th Heart Health Month screening to enroll all who are eligible for government-assisted healthcare insurance such as Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, and Medicare.

Affinity Health Plan will be joining us every month at our office during our free health screenings in Sunset Park. Our screenings take place monthly on the third Saturday. For a listing of dates of our monthly screenings, please check our website:

About AMPHS: AMPHS is a humanitarian nonprofit organization operated solely by volunteers, dedicated to advancing the health care of underprivileged communities across the nation and around the world.  We accomplish our goals by providing free and low-cost community activities that forge a firm foundation for the improvement of health and well-being. Our Vision: AMPHS strives to be a premiere interdisciplinary medical and public health service organization, building faith and transparency within our communities.  From strengthening our foundation through the public trust, we work to integrate healthcare systems, education, awareness, and disease prevention such that all people can appreciate healthcare not as a privilege, but as a basic human right

About Affinity Health Plan: For over 20 years, Affinity Health Plan has been offering free or low-cost health coverage to New Yorkers who have Medicaid or no health insurance at all. Their goal is to help you Members stay healthy. Each of our members can count on our promise of great customer service. We promise to work hard to make it easy to get the care you need. The mission of Affinity Health Plan is to improve the health of underserved populations by providing comprehensive, affordable, high quality health care coverage, and by striving, in collaboration with its primary care providers, to improve care-seeking and care-giving.