November 28, 2012

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By Adriana Cardenas

Looking for great holiday shopping deals online post-Cyber Monday? Then look no further. Goodshop offers fabulous discounts and coupons at your favorite national retailers, ranging from clothing, electronics, houseware, and any other store you can possibly think of. There are so many participating stores to choose from, and all offer wonderful bargains. You can shop and save money, all while donating to your favorite charity with no extra cost added to your purchases!

This holiday season, we are asking all of our supporters to help AMPHS in its fundraising efforts through GoodShop online ( Our supporters can also donate to us through GoodSearch and GoodDine. GoodSearch (, is a search engine tool, like Google and Yahoo, and every time you do a search, a small donation will be given to AMPHS. GoodDine ( offers discounts and coupons at your favorite participating restaurants! Search the list of participating restaurants on Anyone can support AMPHS’ mission through GoodShop and GoodDine!  With each purchase made, a percentage of that purchase will be donated to AMPHS without any added costs

Shop on Goodshop and save at stores such as Walgreens, North Face, Dell, Columbia Sport Wear, Macy’s, and countless others!

AMPHS is an incredible charity to support. We make every effort to support the local communities in Brooklyn and New York City with providing free or low cost preventative healthcare services and resources to people without healthcare insurance.  100 percent of all of our donations directly support our programs and services.  We want to continue to grow our mission and broaden the scope of our programs in other areas around New York City.

GoodShop, GoodDine, and GoodSearch give anyone an easy and simple way to be charitable without spending extra money. Everyone who makes purchases on GoodShop or GoodDine is making a big difference. You can also track how much you have donated AMPHS by registering for an account on the GoodSearch site. AMPHS has raised $200 in the past year with Goodshop and Goodsearch.

Check out and designate AMPHS as your charity.  Also, check out for amazing deals, savings and coupons!  Remember, it doesn’t cost a penny to donate, and anyone can sign up!  Coupons and savings can only be applied to online purchases.

Happy holiday shopping!