November 5, 2012

By Adriana Cardenas

Image Source: Eye Doctor Guide

The Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) has partnered with Vision USA to help  eligible individuals apply for ophthamology check-ups at no cost to Brooklyn residents. AMPHS is the only organization authorized to offer Vision USA services in Brooklyn.

During our in-house screenings, clinical volunteers will continue to offer the routine Snellen eye checks but if they find that the community member needs prescription glasses, they will assist them in applying for VisionUSA service and professional follow-up.  To apply for these free ophthamology services, a community member must work with a charitable organization (such as AMPHS), a social worker, case worker, or a community health agency to submit an application.

Vision USA was created in 1991 by The Optometry Cares and the American Optometric Association (AOA) Foundation to provide basic eye examinations to low income Americans across the U.S. Vision USA is currently available in 40 states.

“We are delighted to partner with Vision USA,” Mr. Hewett Chiu, President & CEO, AMPHS, said. “Their commitment to provide free eye examinations to people in need was a perfect fit for our community members in Sunset Park.” 

All community members who need vision examinations and cannot afford health insurance are very welcome to apply through AMPHS at anytime. AMPHS also provides health screenings once a month which include: body mass index assessment, blood pressure measurement, heart and respiration rate, oxygen saturation, memory and HIV screenings, nutrition and lifestyle choices consultations. All screenings are FREE and strictly confidential.

We are continuously working hard to identify the healthcare needs of this community,” Chiu said. “This is one of many services that we’re adding to our growing list of preventative healthcare offerings.”


AMPHS is a humanitarian 501(c)3 non-profit organization operated exclusively by volunteers dedicated to providing free healthcare services to underprivileged communities of Brooklyn and New York City. From strengthening our foundation through the public trust, we work to integrate healthcare systems, education, awareness, and disease prevention such that all people can appreciate healthcare not as a privilege, but as a basic human right.

About Vision USA

Vision USA is a program created by The Optometry Cares and the AOA Foundation.  This foundation was incorporated as a non-profit and strives to expand eye health and vision care access to everyone in the U.S. Vision USA was created in 1991 to provide basic eye examinations to low income Americans across the U.S, and is currently available in 40 states.