September 10, 2012
About two weeks ago, we received a huge donation of office furniture, equipment and supplies from the Better Business Bureau. We’re happy to announce that the highly anticipated new office renovations are now complete!  We have now installed new cubicle workstations, a resource materials rack, new chairs, new client consultation spaces, and a new conference space and technology area (and not to mention a vastly different office for our President and CEO).  HUGE THANKS to Better Business Bureau for their generosity and supporting our mission to provide our underprivileged  community members with healthcare services and our volunteers Kenny Chao, Sandy Truong, and Mishelle Engleton, who helped assemble the office cubicles, move the furniture, and design the office as you see it now; we wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!
As promised, we would like to share photos of what the new office looks like.  
Hope you enjoy these pictures!

Do you like the new office renovations?  We would love to hear your comments!