August 29, 2012

Last weekend, Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) summer internship program came to a conclusion after a productive summer working with the interns on projects, health screenings, educational workshops, and final presentations.

AMPHS’ 2012 summer internship program drew five interns from various ethnic backgrounds and undergraduate schools and filled various positions in AMPHS divisions including Community Engagement, Corporate Development, Government Affairs, Grantwriting, Human Resources, and Medical and Public Health Services.   All had the opportunity to interact with the community members AMPHS serves while participating in our events.  They also got hands-on work experience working with clients, electronic databases, and other administrative projects happening within the organization.

AMPHS’ goal for the internship program was two-fold – education and service.  Educating volunteers about running different aspects of a nonprofit like ours and developing a greater understanding of the communities they serve so that they can take the next step to achieve their career goals, was a prime purpose.

AMPHS wanted to involve their interns how a nonprofit works from different aspects, including screenings, working with AMPHS clients, and getting them to think creatively about how to bolster our services and develop their own public service programs.  Some interns did a combination of research, reading, communications and writing, depending on their role.

Their second goal, service, was to encourage the interns to contribute to the continued progress of the organization, enhance the efficiency of our programs, and develop new ideas from a new set of eyes.  This was definitely accomplished – volunteers all had extremely bright insights to contribute to the organization, as demonstrated through their presentation project proposals and their work products.

In general, volunteers certainly had great experiences interning with AMPHS and left with unique training and skills that they will carry throughout their lives and into their future careers.  AMPHS has gotten feedback from the summer interns.  Here’s what they had to say,

“I had a rather unique and beneficial experience at AMPHS. I had an interest in HR and was looking for an internship and my sister found this organization. Thankfully I was chosen to intern and it was a great experience. First and foremost I must say they staff at AMPHS is first class. Whenever I needed assistance all of the Senior Staff members who were in the office were more than willing to lend a helping hand. The work that AMPHS does in the community is amazing. I was present at one of the health screenings at a church and it was heart warming. The fact that everyone who was participating was there out of the goodness of their heart was commendable. The community members who attended all left satisfied and their needs were all met. I was able to acquire many skill including operating the SalesForce database among other skills. I truly had a unique experience at AMPHS and I believe this experience can get my foot in the door if i choose to pursue HR upon graduation.”

“Beyond the background information, the experience I have gained from this organization has been insurmountable. Volunteers have firsthand experiences that are rare in other health based organizations. I personally interact with the community members and I feel like I have an active part in helping these community members change their lives. I have learned so much from AMPHS. The volunteers have opportunities that are hard to come by, especially if you have no formally training in the medical field. But the CEO Hewett Chiu makes sure his staff is fully competent in dealing with community members. This includes surprise reviews of the skills we’ve learned in one of the many courses AMPHS conducts like the HeartSaver First aid class. I’ve learned the basic fundamentals of providing health care in terms of measuring blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc. My proudest moment was practicing those skills on my family members and friends with the confidence of someone who has been doing this for a while. I can say that volunteering with AMPHS has helped me to understand the importance of health care in America or lack thereof. The time I spent volunteering with AMPHS cemented my desire to go into the medical field but has also kept me grounded knowing that the road won’t be easy, but it will sure be worth it. AMPHS has grown a lot since I began my internship in July 2011, and this organization will only get better.”

“I used to volunteer at AMPHS, and although I’m young it was a very joyful experience for me. I got to work and help community members at their health screenings and events. Even though AMPHS is a small non profit, I hope it will continue to grow and help more people.”

“I worked as a summer intern for AMPHS and found it to be a valuable experience as an introduction to the nonprofit field. AMPHS is a small, relatively new nonprofit, but they are ambitious with their projects and where they see themselves in the future. Volunteering in their offices and in the community at health screenings was rewarding; I felt that I was making a direct impact on the organization and on community members.”

“I participated in the medical bootcamp program this past winter and it was a great experience. I learned so much in just one short, intense week. The program was very well organized. Now I am back at AMPHS working as a summer volunteer in Corporate Development. I am learning so many things about nonprofit business, such as ways to fundraise as well as keeping direct contact with people and helping out in our free health screenings. AMPHS has given me all the great qualities and knowledge that I would need to work in nonprofit.”