June 27, 2012

What’s new at Academy of Medical and Public Health Services’ (AMPHS) headquarters?  AMPHS’ Community Research & Resource Center got a make-over!  Community members can stop by for a comfortable and private study on any medical condition known to man.

Using funds from their YouthBridge Grant reward received earlier this month, AMPHS re-modeled the resource center into a homely library room furnished with bookshelves, an office desk and chairs, desk lamps, and dark window curtains for private for in-depth reading.  Re-located to room 201, the center is now larger, more spacious, and includes a printing station to print out referrals or online resources for community members.  There are plans to install a computer terminal for community members to check their health status and re-cataloging the room to make it more user friendly for them.

The Community Research & Resource Center is sponsored by the Center for Healthcare Policy & Management, which aims to provide community members access to resources that will assist them in making informed decisions about their general health and wellbeing.  Through group seminars, one-on-one consultations, and independent research, the Center provides the tools necessary for community members to better understand their bodies, medical conditions, health concerns, and issues related to public health.

Information community members can find in the Resource Center include an extensive collection of reference materials and resources outlining specific diseases, conditions, and health-related topics, comprehensive FDA information sheets, database for community members to take home, NIH News In Health subscription for public use to outline breakthrough research and treatment options.

As part of the Center’s mission, AMPHS also gives public presentations and seminars on health access and coverage and prescription access.

One can find the Community Resource Center at AMPHS’ headquarters located in Room 201 AMPHS NYC 5306 Third Avenue, 2nd Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11220.


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