Date: February 14, 2012

On February 13, 2012, the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) formed a partnership with Brooklyn Knows, a large public health initiative to help all Brooklyn residents learn their HIV status and take full advantage of the City’s care and prevention services.  

The New York City Health Department is working with community organizations, clinics, hospitals, colleges, universities, faith-based organizations and businesses to make HIV testing available to everyone in Brooklyn.  New York State law requires providers to offer an HIV test during routine encounters with community members.  Some facilities have yet to adopt this practice.

The goals of this initiative are:

Goal 1: Provide a voluntary HIV test for every Brooklyn resident who has never been tested.
 In 2008, more than half a million Brooklyn residents aged 18-64 had never been tested for HIV.

Goal 2: Identify undiagnosed HIV-positive people in Brooklyn and link them to care.
 The CDC estimates that 21% of people infected with HIV do not know their status.

Early identification helps HIV-positive people stay healthy and HIV-negative people stay safe.

Goal 3: Make HIV testing a routine part of health care in Brooklyn.

As part of its Community Health Project, AMPHS offers confidential HIV testing at no charge, through its partner organization, Interfaith Medical Center, to community members who request it.  On every 3rd Saturday of the month, community members can drop by the AMPHS facility and make an appointment to get tested, as well as get screened for blood pressure, heart and respiration rate screening, memory screening, etc.  All screening services are open to the general public, free of charge and strictly confidential.

About AMPHS: The  Academy of Medical and Public Health Services (AMPHS) is a humanitarian 501(c)3 non-profit organization operated exclusively by volunteers dedicated to providing healthcare services to underprivileged communities of Brooklyn and New York City.  From strengthening our foundation through the public trust, we work to integrate healthcare systems, education, awareness, and disease prevention such that all people can appreciate healthcare not as a privilege, but as a basic human right.

Community Health Screenings occur every third Saturday of the month at AMPHS, 5306 Third Avenue at 53rd Street, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11220.  Health screenings are open to the public, free and strictly confidential.

For more information about us, please visit us at: